Research Cell

Research Cell provides a platform for the students of H.R College to make out the best in the research domain and enhance their critical thinking capabilities to attain and understand the importance of research in everyday life. Research Cell aims to break the monotony of the theory and connect this to practical life, which ultimately develops a 360-degree view of the students for the future. The cell provides opportunities for members to participate in various National level competitions and provide them with the required assistance.

ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


September 10, 2022         Attendees: 125

The Research Cell organized an interview session on topic ‘The Mystical Dimensions of Perseverance’ with guest speaker CA. Meet Shah (AIR 1 in CA Final May 2022). Mr. Shah shared his experiences and answered every question regarding his preparation for the final exams. Some important takeaways of the session were:

  1. Take time and care in drafting a resume
  2. Perseverance and hard work go a long way.
  3. Consistency is key for specialization.
  4. Acceptance is the first step towards improvement.
  5. Read one thing several times rather than multiple things only once.
  6. Huge firms usually offer very specialized roles but at the starting of your career a wise decision would be to get experiences of as many departments as possible.
  7. Sacrifices pays off.
  8. Adapt to the environment and persevere.

He shared many useful insights along with tips and tricks for CA exams preparation. Session concluded with a formal vote of thanks.


October 13, 2022         Attendees: 90+ Research Papers

Research Cell participated in an International Level Research Paper Conference organized by KES Shroff College (Mumbai) in Association with Taylor's University, (Malaysia) and secured the 2nd Podium in the online track of the Multidisciplinary Research Conference.

The research was by Kinshuk Singhal of S.Y.B.Com and Nishtha Singhal of T.Y.B.Com on the topic “Who wins the Tug of War between Theatre and OTT”. There were more to than 90+ research papers from Indian and Malaysian students across different colleges. The participants had an enriching experience and learnt a lot.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


October 14, 2021 Attendees: 35

The Research Cell of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics held a public engagement webinar. The objective of the webinar was to permeate the significance of Educational Reforms, the process by explaining what has changed, and what should be changed.

Dr. Vibhuti Patel opened the webinar by providing an overview of the National Educational Policy, 1968 continued with the hardship faced in implementing this policy in post-independent India. She explained the various social, economic & political challenges faced by India and the need for education back then. She also put forward some statistical comparisons to show how the literacy rate in India has increased with up to 98% general education enrolment.

Preliminary Focal Area:

  1. NEP 1968- A thorough discussion on free and compulsory education, free and thorough education, equalization of educational policy, etc.
  2. NEP 1986 revised in 1992- The vision & mission of this reform was discussed thoroughly by mentioning its key areas like Early Childhood Care, plans on setting up Autonomous Colleges, exploitation of rural talent, and materialization of Gandhian ideology as well as focus on various scholarship programs.
  3. NEP 2020- This mainly envisions an India-centric education system that contributes directly to transforming our nation sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society by providing high-quality education to all. It also focused on the new way of learning portals such as E-pathshala on Umang, Swayam.
  4. Knowledge-Economy - Dr. Patel discussed how the knowledge economy is a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital. In addition, it refers to the ability to capitalize on scientific discoveries and basic and applied research. This has come to represent a large component of all economic activity in most developed countries.
  5. Contemporary challenges- After a thorough discussion of all the educational reforms and their significance, Dr. Patel also put forward some questions that must be answered before forming a new education policy.


February 27, 2022 Attendees: 30

The Research Cell organized a webinar on ‘Self-Belief’. Mr. Rushabh Kapasi is almost 100% vision impairment but he still managed to clear all papers and become a CA. He has featured in many prominent papers like TOI and DNA.

At the beginning of the webinar, the speaker mentioned how he was affected and mentioned various scenarios where he faced difficulties in life. Proceeding ahead, the speaker elaborated about Self- Beliefs and motivated students. A little light was also thrown upon the importance of changing perception in life.

Furthermore, the speaker gave three tips for students, which included Dream Big, do not be self-centered, and facing fear. This was followed by a brief explanation of “FEAR” which is to ‘Face Everything And Rise’ or ‘Forget Everything And Rise’. The participants also have to know about the importance of positivity in one's life.

The speaker then initiated the public to read more biographies, autobiographies, and self-help books of people who went through much in life but came up stronger. The speaker also shared his beautifully written poem with the audience, which was appreciated by them. The workshop then came to an end, wherein the speaker made participants do an activity in which they closed their eyes and were made to imagine and feel the existence of nature and environment and thank God for what they have got.

Intercollegiate Organised 2021-2022


March 1, 3 & 5, 2022
No. of Participants - 15

The Research Cell of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics organised a National level Research Event “INQUEST” via zoom. INQUEST 2022 consisted of three rounds consisting of a quiz, a report, and a presentation that tested the participant's research abilities, as well as presentation skills. Participants were from different colleges in India and the event was open to individuals as well.

Winners of the INQUEST - Kashish Patwa and Dhairya Malpani of H.R. College.

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