Infrastructure Policy

Infrastructure Policy adheres to the Vision and Mission of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics. The Institution is committed to create, develop, provide and maintain necessary infrastructure and essential amenities for all the stake holders. The college manages infrastructure efficiently with the help of following committees.

  1. College Development committee
  2. Purchase committee
  3. Infrastructure Committee
  4. General Maintenance committee
  5. IT committee
  6. Library committee
  7. Research committee
  8. Sports and Cultural committee

The policy covers the following domains.

1. Academic and Support Facilities

A. Utilization and Maintenance of Classrooms
  • Classrooms are allotted as per the student strength.
  • Concerned departments are given responsibility for the maintenance of their classrooms.
  • Department Head informs the maintenance committee regarding maintenance and requirement of repairs / cleanliness.
  • Day in-charges are to monitor adequate usage and maintenance of the facilities.
  • A dedicated Faculty to be assigned for Conference hall management
  • Duty chart of Associate for cleanliness is to be prepared weekly and Associates are required to maintain Classroom maintenance log and Restroom Maintenance log for efficient performance of duties. (Annexure A and B)
  • Stock register for the utilities to be maintained. A college Maintenance Department retains the stock and allocations of the requirements.
B. Utilization and Maintenance of Computer Laboratories
  • Laboratories are allotted for Practical session based on a timetable.
  • Print-out Facilities are provided to staff and students. The register for recording the reason and the printouts availed should be maintained.
  • Standard Operational Procedures for handling various Equipments and instruments are to be strictly followed.
  • The maintenance of computer laboratories is taken care by laboratory In-charge and the system administrators take care of the repairs and maintenance of all computers.
  • Stock register is maintained and updated regularly.
  • Stock verification and inspection must be carried out by the departments at the end of the Academic Year.
  • Old and outdated Equipment’s, and instruments are discarded by standard procedure.
  • Non usable gadgets are discarded as per the write-off policy. The college maintains an e-waste bin to discard the waste in an appropriate manner.
  • Software upgrade form to be made available to faculties & students for requisition of software’s required. The software’s to be upgraded after approval by Principal.
C. Utilization and Maintenance of Library:
  • The library is a Silent, No Mobile, No Eatables Zone
  • The book list requirement is received from the concerned department as per their curriculum changes and as per the variation of intake.
  • The students are instructed to procure an Identity card to access the library.
  • All the functions of library i.e. book borrowing and lending etc. are monitored by fully automated library software.
  • Students can utilize the library daily on all working hours from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm as per their timetable and beyond working hours any one can access up to 6.00 pm.
  • Library reading room is open 24x7 hours during and before Exam (one month).
  • Every student can access online resources through Digital library.
  • The library to provide access online books, online journals, online courses, online thesis and dissertations
  • Periodically, conditions of all the library books are monitored and old books are maintained by binding the books if needed.
  • The Library to add various institutional library memberships through linkages. The Library has following institutional library memberships.
  1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
  2. University of Mumbai
  3. SNDT Women’s University
  4. Constituent College of HSNC University, Mumbai i.e., KC College and Bombay Teachers ‘Training College.

Rules & Regulation for Library

  1. Every user can borrow two books per week for home lending and one book/non book at a time for Reference Reading. If a borrower damages/loses the book he/she shall have to replace the book. If it is not available in the market, then the borrower shall have to pay the market price plus replacement charges.
  2. The charges for overdue books will be Rs.1.00/day for first overdue week, Rs.2.00/day for second overdue week andRs.5.00/day for next period of overdue. For reference books the fine would be Rs.5.00/day.
  3. Readers are requested to use the books with care. They should not do any marking with pen or pencil in the books, nor should they fold pages nor try to remove pages from books and magazines or take unissued material out of the library.
  4. Defaulters will be fined as per the university guidelines. The membership of the library will be cancelled immediately if a person is found guilty of violating wilfully the rules and regulations of the library.
  5. At the end of the second term all books must be returned to the library. However, by special provision, books would be issued during examination period. The Librarian will issue a 'No Due Certificate' to borrower who has cleared his/her account. This is necessary for obtaining the refund of Student Deposit from the College Office.

2. Policy for Physical Infrastructure:

A. Maintenance, Housekeeping and Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • The Department which needs repair and maintenance work must register a written complaint to the maintenance committee through respective HOD.
  • The details of the maintenance work and the code of equipment need to be mentioned.
  • Maintenance head prepares the routine and preventive maintenance schedule for all physical infrastructures and allocate duties to the respective staff.
  • The maintenance schedules are executed with the support of both internal and external agencies and accordingly annual maintenance contracts.
  • Maintenance Person inspects the site and completes the task.
  • Ones the task is completed, Head of Department signs the job Completion report.
  • Bill is generated and processed through the concerned authorities and forwarded through Principal for final payment.
  • All monthly maintenance bills are brought to the notice of the Principal.
  • The college has Annual Maintenance Contracts for Security and housekeeping.
B. Policy for write-off:
  • Equipment’s which are beyond repair or have lost functional significance are intimated to committee through the Heads of Department.
  • Committee members personally check the Equipment’s and convey the decision for further action like repair from outside agencies or write-off to higher authority.
  • For write-off of equipment, records are updated by respective In-charge and same is authenticated by Head of Department and Principal.
  • Accordingly, such equipment’s are written-off at college level with consent of Registrar and Principal.Standard Accounting Procedures are followed for write-off of equipment
  • The Answer Sheet are preserved for a period of one year as per the provisions of the University of Mumbai circular from time to time. The Registrar identifies such answer books and proposes for it to be scrapped in the Infrastructure Committee. The minutes of such meeting are sent to the Principal for final approval.
  • The Library Committee identifies old books, outdated books, damaged books, newspapers, periodicals & magazines etc from time to time and proposes for it to be scrapped, the minutes of the meeting of the library committee are sent to the Principal for final approval.