Unfair Means

The college has a strict policy on academic misconduct. Exams are aimed at improved learningto motivate students for better performance and to provide a balanced and fair evaluation of each student. Resorting to unfair means practicein examinations is a punishable offence apart from being viewed as disrespectful towards the college and an unacceptable behavior towards sincere fellow candidates.

The malpractices in examination are dealt by the college as per the Maharashtra ACT XXXI of 1982 and procedures and guidelines issued by University Of Mumbai Notifications(Ordinance .5050).

As per the rules, an Unfair Means Inquiry Committee is constituted by the college.The Committee is authorized to take disciplinary action for resorting to malpractices during examination conducted by the college.

Aim of the Committee

  • To set an inquiry behind the purpose of resorting to unfair means during examinations by following the procedure and guidelines issued by University of Mumbai.

Objectives of the Committee

  • To investigate the cases of unfair means during examinations.
  • Recommend action/sto the Principal regarding unfair cases.
  • To be unbiased and maintain honesty and transparency regarding any unfair means cases.
  • To maintain overall discipline while dealing with unfair means practices in examinations in the college.


Prof. Dr. Pooja RamchandaniPrincipal
Dr. Priyamvada SawantChairperson
Ms. Anjalli VachhaniConvenor
Dr. Geeta SahuMember
Ms. Simran KalyaniMember
Dr. Nidhi ThanawalaMember