Business Economics

Capacity of centre of business Economics is 5

Dr. Geeta Nair - Head - Business Economics Ph.D. Centre

Currently, the following four students are registered at the Centre:

  1. Ms. Asish Mathews, “A Study of Microfinance Services of Fisherwomen in Kerala”.
  2. Ms. Bharati Jethani, “Peer to Peer Lending and its Feasibility with respect to India (Mumbai Region) and Comparative Study with U.S.A., U.K. and China Markets”.
  3. Ms. Payal Meghani, “A Comparative Study on the Impact of Cashless Transactions on Travel Agencies before and after Demonetization of Ulhasnagar and Kalyan Areas”.
  4. Ms. Kirti Verma, “A Study of E-Commerce and Customer Delight with special reference to Private Banking Services”.

The following four students have successfully completed their doctorates in Business Economics:

  1. Dr. Tasneem Razmi (2017) - “A Study of Customer Satisfaction of Private Banks in Mumbai”.
  2. Dr. Sunil Lalchandani (2019) - “A Descriptive Study on Performance of Tourism Sector in Rajasthan and its Impact on Economy”.
  3. Dr. Kesar Lalchandani (2019) - “An Empirical Study on the Financial and Other Technical Problems faced by Small Scale Plastic Bags Industries (with special reference to Thane District)”.
  4. Dr. Jasbir Kaur Sodi (2020) - “Reviewing Microfinance as an Important Tool of Financial Inclusion in India”.

Vacancy in the same is 1

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