Global Research Initiatives


The Global Research Initiatives (GRI) of HR College is a collaborative enterprise in areas of mutual research interest between the college and institutions both in India and abroad. The objective of GRI is student exposure to international faculty, research projects by faculty and students in association with institutions abroad, fellowship opportunities for students and faculty, hosting of foreign fellows and promotion of cultural exchanges in mutual areas of interest.

Director: Dr. Paromita Chakrabarti, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English


GRI’s national and international collaborations include: University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, Pasadena City College, CA, USA, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden, COHAB Indian Diaspora Centre with University of Mumbai, Indo-Canadian Studies Centre (ICSC) with University of Mumbai, United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF), Mumbai and New Delhi.


GRI’s Annual Lecture Series is a much-awaited event of the year. In the past GRI has hosted several professors and research scholars from around the globe. This year in February 2020 GRI hosted two international faculty from Pasadena City College, CA, USA.

  • Professor Brian Kennedy, Department of English, spoke on - What Is Sports Journalism in the Age of Simulation? How Twitter Changed Your Favorite Sport.
  • Professor Shane Underwood, Department of English, spoke on - The Rhetoric of Immigration: Left, Right, and Receptive


The upcoming projects of GRI include hosting of Fulbright Scholars, collaborating on the Chara Oral History Project, writing for People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI), collaborating with East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, joint research project with Department of English, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA. GRI is also working on joint journal editorial work on journals from two Swedish universities: Södertörn University, Stockholm; and Umea University, Umea.

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