Cultural Committee

Under the guidance of the esteemed Principal, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics has taken the initiative of launching a student body solely devoted to organizing and participating in intra-collegiateand intercollegiate cultural events.

The Cultural Committee of H.R. College is an avid promoter of inculcating within oneself extra-curricular and social abilities. It strives to instill within the students a skill-set necessary to function in the world with valuable assets such as communication, teamwork, leadership as well as organizational skills.

With the vision of encouraging and enhancing the students’ talents and providing them with a stage for exposure, the Cultural Committee aims to put its best foot forward in all that they do and keep the banner of this college flying high.

The Cultural Committee of H.R. College harbors various core values that it always seeks to imbibe in all that they do. Some of its main objectives are as follows:

  • Provides innumerable opportunities for the students to exhibit their skills and talents.
  • Acting as a platform for the students to not only display but also discover, explore and master their creative potential.
  • Inculcating the value of individuality as well as working as an active member of a team.
  • Building within one, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • Above all, the Cultural Committee seeks to build a platform that caters to all and helps build character, understand the value of participation and find individualistic qualities that will ensure a fulfilling and successful life.

Cultural Secretary - Amaan Gubitra

Joint Secretaries - Mudit Makhija & Rupesh Acharya

Vice Presidents - Zainab Mukhtyar & Pratham Kukreja

Directors of Public Relations - Sakina Tawawala & Aanya Thakur

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