Rules and Regulations for Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Programs

The UGC has given the rationale for introduction of the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) which highlights important features such as: enhanced learning opportunities, ability to match learners' scholastic needs and aspirations, inter-institution transferability of learners (following the completion of a semester), part-completion of an academic programme in the institution of enrolment and part- completion in a specialized (and recognized) institution, improvement in educational quality and excellence, flexibility for working learners to complete the programme over an extended period of time, standardization and comparability of educational programmes across the country etc.

The CBCS represents a much-required change to a learner- centric education and facilitates self-paced learning. It also provides more flexibility to the learners allowing them to choose inter-disciplinary courses, change majors, programmes, etc. The system also facilitates learner mobility as credits earned at one institution can be transferred to another.


For B.Com

Foundation Course
Internal Assessment (Project)25 marks
Semester End Examination75 marks
Other Subjects
Semester End Examination100 marks


Credit Based Evaluation System

Scheme of Examination The performance of the learners will be evaluated in two Components. One component will be the Internal Assessment component carrying 25% marks and the second component will be the Semester-wise End Examination component carrying 75% marks. The allocation of marks for the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examinations will be as shown below:-

a) Internal Assessment–25%              25 Marks

For Courses without Practical

Sr. No.ParticularsMarks
1One class test *20 Marks
2Active participation in routine class instructional deliveries and overall conduct as a responsible learner, mannerism and articulation and exhibit of leadership qualities in organizing related academic activities 05 Marks

b) Semester End Examinations – 75%               75 Marks
  1. Duration–These examinations shall be of 2.5 Hours duration
  2. Theory question paper pattern
    • There shall be five questions each of 15 marks.
    • All questions shall be compulsory with internal choice within the questions.
    • Question may be subdivided into sub-questions a, b, c… and the allocation of marks depends on the weightage of the topic.
Passing Standard

The learners to pass a course shall have to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate for each course where the course consists of Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination. The learners shall obtain minimum of 40% marks (i.e. 10 out of 25) in the Internal Assessment and 40% marks in Semester End Examination (i.e. 30 Out of 75) separately, to pass the course and minimum of Grade E to pass a particular semester. A learner will be said to have passed the course if the learner passes the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination together.


Question Paper Pattern for Periodical Class Test for Courses at UG Programmes Written Class Test (20 Marks)
1Match the Column / Fill in the Blanks / Multiple Choice Questions (½ Marks each)05 Marks
2Answer in One or Two Lines (Concept based Questions) (1 Mark each) 05 Marks
3Answer in Brief (Attempt Any Two of the Three) (5 Marks each) 10 Marks


A learner who does not appear in some or all the courses on medical grounds or for representing the College / University in Sports, Cultural activities, activities of N.S.S., N.C.C. or Sports Training Camps conducted by recognized bodies / competent authorities or for any other reason which is considered valid under exceptional circumstances and to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of the institution is eligible to appear for additional examination.

The additional Semester end Examination shall be of Three hours duration for B.Com courses except Foundation course which will be of two and half hours duration. For self finance courses also the semester end exam will be of two and half hours duration. The learner shall appear for the Semester END Examination of the course for which he/she was absent for the reason as stated above. Learner who is punished under 0.5050 shall not be eligible to appear for this additional examination.

It is not the right of the learner, who has failed or has remained absent, to appear for the additional examination without fulfilling the norms prescribed by the Head of the institution / Department / Principal of the College/University and that the same has been brought into force with effect from the academic year 2015-16

Performance Grading System
GradeMarksGrade Points
O80 & above10
A+70 - 79.999
A60 - 69.998
B+55 - 59.997
B50 - 54.996
C45 - 49.995
D40 - 44.994
FLess than 400

The benefit of 10 grace marks to candidates would be available only in any one of the activities mentioned above, at their option subject to their fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. That in case of failure in one or more heads of passing an examination, the benefit of grace marks shall be granted to the extent of 5% of the maximum marks allotted to the subject.
  2. That the grace marks will be granted for the purpose of claiming exemptions in a subject/s, provided it shall not exceed 5% of the maximum marks allotted to the subject.
  3. That the maximum of 10 grace marks shall be granted for the purpose of enabling a candidate for the award of class and / or distinction, in the examination.

That the maximum 10 grace marks will be added to the grand total, if the benefit of grace marks is not claimed in any of the above (1) and (3) conditions