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In its quest to embrace the rich diversity within its student body, H.R. College has developed a system of support for students with dyslexia and other special educational needs, providing them with trained and structured assistance in achieving academic as well as personal success. The college reserves a number of seats for students with special needs as per the directives of the Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and the University of Mumbai.

H.R. College strives to understand the nature of difficulties encountered by students facing learning challenges within the framework of Higher Secondary and University education, thereby helping them overcome their difficulties, explore their many talents and abilities and reach their full potential during these vital formative years.

The Special Cell - H.R. College came into existence in the Academic Year 2009 – 2010. The Cell was formally inaugurated on September 17, 2010 by Actor Aamir Khan. This cell comprises teachers, experts and parents and is active in both Junior and Degree college. Under the guidance of the teacher-in-charges, special lectures are continuously conducted in various subjects. Students with special needs attend these extra lectures to help clear their doubts and fare better in examinations.

The academic year begins with meetings with dyslexic and students who need special assistance to motivate them to be part of Special Cell activities like guidance from subject teachers, workshops, library sessions etc. The Cell invites subject specialists with the objectives of clearing doubts, providing guidelines and standard answering formats for ATKT students, Dyslexic and academically weaker students. The cell updates students regarding special lectures, library sessions etc. through messages and meetings.

ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


August 25, 2021 onwards Participants 30+

The Special Cell Committee started with its very first activity for the academic year 2021-22, which was a 'One-On-One Interactive Session'. In this session, the Committee students were approached by one of the Committee heads to have a friendly conversation on a one-on-one basis. This was done to get to know the members in a better way and to make them more comfortable around the committee to avoid any future hesitation.

Concluding the students enjoyed the session. They also shared with us their pandemic experiences, hobbies, their outstanding skills, etc. and they requested us to do such sessions more often with them in the future.


March 24 & 25, 2022

Special cell in collaboration with the Alumni Association participated in the Annual Sports Meet, organized by The Sports Council of the college. The students and committee members were enthusiastic and keen to participate in the offline sports meet. The Special Cell secured the first podium (Gold) in the most unique and enthralling event of the year 'Handball Hustle'.

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ACTIVITIES 2020-2021


The Special Cell caters to all the students enrolled for the three years of undergraduate degree. The cell ensures that students are provided appropriate assistance and guidance on exam and academic performance related matters. The Special Cell also conducts remedial lectures after class hours with teachers who help students in particular subjects. In collaboration with Maths Club, special cell encourages students of F.Y. courses to enrol for guidance lectures on mathematics and statistics.

Special Cell committee under guidance of Prof.-in-charge Mrs. Simran Kalyani conducts meetings with students with learning difficulties, those who received ATKT and those whose examination results can be improved. The cell ensures that students are provided appropriate assistance and guidance on exam and academic performance related matters. The Special Cell also conducts remedial lectures after class hours with teachers who help students in particular subjects.

An active use of social media like WhatsApp was made to inform the students about venue, topic, date and time for remedial lectures. Teachers guided students to help improve performance during class work and exams. Library hours were assigned to ATKT students and those students who had resorted to unfair means during examinations.


The Special Cell discusses performance improvement post annual examination results of students who are enrolled with the Cell. Individual counselling is also available to students as well as their parents after the meeting.

Students are given information about the extended exam facilities prescribed by the Maharashtra Board. The college assists students by providing them with writers, use of calculators and exam centres near their place of residence for HSC examination.

The special guidance lectures in certain subjects are also provided to improve the academic performance of students with special needs. Each student is assigned a support teacher who personally guides the student.

We are proud of the fact that an increasing number of students with special needs graduate from our Junior College and Degree Programmes to go into vocational courses and higher education with a new found confidence nurtured by the opportunities for academic and personal growth that are offered at H.R. College.

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