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The broad theme of IQAC this year revolved around reviewing the administrative and teaching-learning processes and hence the team planned to organise various audits to have an impartial opinion on revising the processes with the needs of the new system of administration as per the NAAC requirements and the HSNC University.

ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


Internal Quality Assurance Cell collaborated with the B.Voc. Committee to organize an informative online Faculty Development Programme titled ‘STOCK TALK.’ The session featured Mr. Gaurav Sharma, a seasoned stock market professional with 7 years of experience in teaching and learning about stocks.

A workshop on designing a research project/proposal was organized by HR College in collaboration with the PG Department of Lala Lajpatrai College under IQAC on October 16, 2022 at 04:30 P.M. Dr. Kuldeep Sharma, Assistant Professor, K.P.B. Hinduja College, was the resource person for the workshop. The workshop aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance to aspiring researchers in formulating effective research proposals. It was a highly interactive session where participants actively engaged in discussions and learned strategies for conducting successful research.

A session titled “Role of Credit Rating Agencies in today’s Global Financial System” was conducted by Business Incubation Cell (BIC) in collaboration with IQAC on September 23, 2022, at H.R. College of Commerce & Economics. The session was led by Mr. Piyush Pandey who provided a comprehensive overview of the role played by these agencies in evaluating the creditworthiness of organizations and governments.

“What is my identity” an online workshop was conducted by the Mental Health Awareness Club in collaboration with IQAC on December 1, 2022. The session was led by Dr. Chitturu Saigita, an expert in the field of mental health. Dr. Saigita provided a comprehensive overview of the factors that contribute to one's identity, including personal experiences, cultural background, values, and beliefs.



The “One-Day International Multidisciplinary Conference, India @100: Vision 40 Trillion Dollar Economy” on February 7, 2023, as part of the Azadi ka Amrit Utsav initiative.

The conference was the collaborative effort of Ph.D. Centre and Internal Quality Assurance Cell, aiming to explore India’s potential growth across various sectors and envision it as a strong economy with equitable prosperity.


The IQAC and the Department of English of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics in collaboration with the IQAC and the Department of Business Communication of SIWS NR Swami College and Smt. Thirumalai College of Science organized a Two-Day National Workshop on ‘Research Requisites’ exclusively for teachers on December 5-6, 2022.

Day 1 of the workshop conducted by Suman Mundkur, Academic Research Consultant, focused on the topic ‘Understanding the Research Process’. Day 2 started with ‘MLA-9: An overview’ by Dr. Nilakshi Roy (Retd. HoD of the English Dept. of V.G. Vaze College).


The Six days Short Term Course (STC) of UGC HRDC Mumbai University was coordinated by H.R. College of Commerce &Economics UGC HRDC Mumbai on the theme “Creating Employability through Skill Oriented Education” from November 2-8, 2022.

The objective of the short-term course was to make the participants aware of the various skills sectors that are available for undergraduate students along with mainstream education.

Overall, there were 40 teacher participants for the course. 20 eminent speakers as resource persons with vast industry experience and expertise were invited. The 6 days STC provided extensive knowledge about various skill sectors and career opportunities that each sector can provide to the undergraduate students.


The IQAC facilitated the smooth completion of process of performance-based career advancement of four teachers Dr. Madhu Kelkar, Dr. Priyamvada Sawant, Dr. Amit Nandu and Dr. Rita Khatri during the academic year 2022-23.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

Gender Audit

The college extended equitable opportunities to all genders in terms of leadership, financial assistance, and utilization of infrastructure. We conducted a Gender Audit as an internal audit to assure equality in opportunities. The data is collected and analysed from stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement and enrichment of policies regarding gender equality. A gender audit was carried out by External Expert Dr. Hema Mehta to maintain transparency and accuracy in the process.

Green Audit

Environmental consciousness and sustainability have been a matter of concern for all academic institutions as they shape the future of the country. At HR College, we conduct an annual green Audit as an external audit to assess the contribution of the institution to environmental sustainability on the campus and off the campus. Various activities are conducted in association with Government, semi Government, and private partners to sensitize students about various environmental threats and challenges. Through this exercise, IQAC created a long-term plan and strategy for educating students with environmental consciousness to become responsible citizens.

Library Audit

The college for further improvement of the library system on October 29, 2021 arranged a Voluntary Library Audit. Dr. Shehernaz Nalawalla, Vice President, Asiatic Society Mumbai, and Dr. Jaydev Kadli, Librarian, Lala Lajpat Rai College of Commerce & Economics, Mahalakshmi have given their expert remarks regarding library improvement. They have appreciated the library's best practices, record management, and digital initiatives.

Energy Audit

At HR College, sustainability has prime consideration in the entire decision-making system. Energy Audit is a bi-annual practice to ensure the smooth execution of suggestions received by the audit agency. The institution undertakes several measures like keeping equipment, and the use of LED and solar panels to minimize wastage. Strong vigilance is in place for regular maintenance of the equipment as per industry norms. Mr. Atul Sathe being an IQAC member along with the Registrar Mrs. Jyoti Govindani supervised and completed the process of an energy audit for the year 2021-22.


To further elevate the standard of the institution in all the aspects we participated in the National Institutional Ranking this year. All the procedure for ranking as per the ranking framework was completed and the results are awaiting. The NIRF report is available to the public on the college website with detailed information to ensure transparency and fairness in the process.


The Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani signed several new MOUs in the academic year 21-22; thus facilitating the growth of students as well as the staff. The purpose of signing these is to promote research, collaboration extension activities, placements, and social initiatives and to promote industry-academia alliances.

Following are the MOUs added during the year with-

  • S.I.W.S N.R. Swamy College of Commerce & Economics AND Smt. Thirumalai College of Science
  • Leadup Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC)
  • IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Besides the above, the IQAC facilitated the strategic planning and implementation of the following -

E- Cell / Institution Innovation Cell (IIC)

The Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell of H.R. College was started in August 2020 as an initiative of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College, under the mentorship of Dr. Navin Punjabi, National Innovation Ambassador. E Cell was started as a student body, later was recognized as the Institution's Innovation Cell (IIC) by the Ministry of Education (MoE), and obtained a 3.5 out of 5 Star rating from MoE in its 2 years of functioning. The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the minds of young students. It strives to create a zeal amongst the students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship as a career and nurtures their vision. We, at E-Cell, strongly believe that with the correct mentorship and support, even the smallest of ideas can grow into successful entrepreneurial ventures. We aim to promote holistic learning to pave the way for a self-sufficient ecosystem that encourages the growth of new and innovative ideas and campus initiatives to play a major role in creating an entrepreneurial mindset.

HR College Alumni Association

The alumni association is a great way to keep the legacy going and ensure that future generations of Brand Ambassadors of college have the opportunity to kick-start their careers. The best people who know the ins and outs of a college are the Alumni of the college. Alumni are a college's most loyal supporters and they generate invaluable word of mouth among their social and professional networks. HR College of Commerce & Economics is known to have the best alumni. From running their own business and top ranks in the government leadership positions in the corporate world, to sports and even Bollywood and beyond. HR Alumni have not only made a name for themselves but also got immense glory to the institute. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of HR College proposed strengthening the Alumni Association and registered the association in 2021-2022, reconstituting the Alumni Association under the dynamic leadership of the current Principal. The committee engages alumni for campus events and facilitates bringing back alumni to the campus.

Corporate Series 1.0

Guided by the IQAC, Mr. Manish Malkani managed and supervised the corporate series 1.0 engaging experts from the industry for interaction. The sessions started on 27th August 2021 and included topics - Swift Messaging System with Mr. Prathmaish Sharma, Consultant Deloitte, AI IN Banking Industry with Mr. Utpal Chakraborty, Head AI at Yes Bank, Gst Scandals with Mr. Jay Bohra and Company Valuation Masterclass by CA Shardul Shah.

CAS Promotions

IQAC facilitated the promotion of the following faculty members under the UGC PBAS CAS Scheme -

From Associate Professor to Professor

  • Dr. Pooja Ramchandani
  • Dr. Geeta Nair
  • Dr. Jehangir Bharucha
  • Dr. Madhuri Tikam
  • Dr. Paromita Chakrabarti
  • Dr. Chandani Bhattacharjee

From Assistant Professor to Associate Professors (Stage 3-4)

  • Dr. Jasbir Kaur Sodi
  • Dr. Rani Tyagi
  • Dr. Jaya Manglani
  • Dr. Geeta Sahu
  • Dr. Navin Punjabi

Assistant Professor (Stage 2-3)

  • Ms. Saleha Syed
  • Mr. Atul Sathe

Plan of Action

IQAC has initiated the process of academic audit that is expected to be completed in 2022-23. The team of IQAC is further working to revisit the planning and administration structure to reform committees and departmental interaction processes through staff development workshops where departments can make reviews and presentations on the progress of their departmental member's research, teaching, and learning processes. The system will facilitate accuracy and excellence in the process of documenting and attaining the desired outcome. To further enhance the processes, ISO certification is also on the cards in the academic year 2022-23.

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