Placement Cell

T he Placement Cell of H.R. College is a Student Managed professional body, which is for the students, by the students and of the students. It acts as a liaison between the corporate sector and the young, aspirational students of our college. The Placement Cell strives to groom students for the industry while assisting them in getting varied and suitable job opportunities. The opportunities offered as quantitative as well as qualitative, in order to correctly fit the skills of the students.

The Placement Cell believes in a collaborative approach and therefore does not restrict the corporate engagement to only the third year, ready to graduate students. As a student body, we acknowledge the need for the ‘trial and error’ method for our students from the very first year. Conducting rigorous internship drives, irrespective of any factors, has been one of our strongest initiatives to give our students exactly what is required in their day and age.

Having modified the committee to the unfortunately challenging circumstances, the Placement Cell has very articulately provided internship opportunities virtually.

June 9, 2021

CA Ryan Fernandes, head, Strategic Investments function at Pidilite Industries Ltd. And associated with the ICAI, Bombay Chartered Accountants Society and Chamber of Tax consultants was invited to guide students about Chartered Accountancy.

Mr. Fernandes gave a brief introduction to ICAI. ICAI gives international exposure to the students to expand their skills. The fee structure and Stipend were discussed in detail. CA Ryan briefed the students about the Talent Test and Scholarship Scheme.


1. LinkedIn Networking

August 29, 2021
No. of Attendees: 266

Mr. Manish Punjabi, General Manager, COE Learning and development at UltraTech Cement, conducted a session on LinkedIn Networking. Mr. Punjabi threw light on the importance of being on a professional networking platform and introduced them to a powerful platform like LinkedIn. He enunciated some valuable strategies through which students would be visible to the recruiters including liking, commenting, and sharing posts they find fascinating, writing creative content for LinkedIn, and using media to their benefit. He explained the importance of researching before an interview or before reaching out to the corporate.

2. Career in Consultancy

August 30, 2021
No. of Attendees: 290

Mr. Ashish Pherwani, Partner in Media and Entertainment Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, talked about the opportunities and scope in the Consultancy Industry. He explained that consultancy is solving problems, providing extra pair of hands and legs to the clients, future-gazing, and revenue enhancement. He also gave examples to support the statement. He discussed the different ways of revenue enhancement and stated various types of consultancy like finance consultancy, consumer consultancy, marketing consultancy, IT advisory consultancy, and many more, supported with examples of various companies in these industries. He also advised the students that they should start their career in industry and after a few years of experience go into consultancy.

3. How to Appear for a Group Discussion

August 30, 2021
Number of attendees: 318

Ms. Yogja Singh, Campus Relations Leader at KPMG guided the students on the importance of a group discussion, and how to appear for one. Ms. Singh explained the structure and format of a group discussion. She laid stress on being well informed with facts, as it is the key to excelling in a group discussion, and emphasized the importance of listening. In the end, she conducted an interactive session with the students and solved their doubts and queries.

4. How to draft a winning resume

August 31, 2021
No. of Attendees: 350

Dr. Navin Punjabi, Vice Principal & Director of Placements, H.R. College of Commerce & Economics; threw some light on the importance of resume writing in today’s world. Dr. Punjabi discussed how a resume is a personal marketing tool and how it helps to get an interview. He explained the difference between resume scanning, resume reading, and discussed the difference between a resume and C.V. He also talked about the standard format of the resume and different types of resumes and strategies to present a crisp and concise resume. In the end, he held an interactive session where students had their queries addressed.

5. How to Ace an Interview

August 31, 2021
No. of Attendees: 300

Speaker: Mr. Priyank Ahuja, Product Manager at Accenture, explained the importance of one's attire in an interview as it is the first thing noticed by the interviewers. He said that the clothes convey a lot about one's personality so he/she must be dressed well in all the rounds of the interviews. He elaborated on behaviour during interviews. He mentioned some of the tasks to be performed before appearing for an interview like researching about the company, going through their job requirements and job description carefully. He discussed some of the most common body language blunders that interviewees should avoid during an interview. He also helped the students with 10+ frequently asked interview questions.

6. TY Orientation

September 1, 2021
No. of Attendees: 320+

A session was conducted to explain the Final Placement Policy by Dr. Navin Punjabi, Director Placement Cell, H.R. College. He gave an introduction about the Placement Cell and the connection with various companies. He elaborated on the working of the Placement Cell and welcomed student suggestions & ideas. Then the session was taken over by Niyomi Shah & Muskaan Sachdeva (Joint Chairpersons), Shruti Ghandikota & Saiba Omar (Vice-Chairpersons), and Harshvardhan Singh & Rishabh Soni (Advisors). They explained the Final Placement Policy to the students very simply.


September 7, 2021
No. of Attendees: 195

Speakers for the event from KPMG were Mr. Mahek Vikamsey (Partner-Valuations), Mr. Amish Dani (Director-Transaction Services, Financial Due Diligence), Mr. Prateek Bhatia (Vice President-Valuations), Mr. Kurush Dordi (Director-Human Resources) & Ms. Kruti Turakhia (Manager-Human Resources). Mr. Kurush Dordi commenced the session by introducing KPMG and its policies. He briefed the students about the various office locations in more than 14 different cities and KPMG's accomplishments to date. Mr. Mahek Vikamsey discussed KPMG's clients and the services they deal with. Adding to this, Mr. Jigar Seta gave a detailed explanation of how risk and business advisory are provided to customers by the company. The students were told about their career path at KPMG. The college alumni working at KPMG shared with the students about their experiences. Lastly, information about KPMG's culture and principles and details of the pay scale, recruitment, and selection process was shared with students.


September 16, 2021
No. of Attendees: 81

The session commenced with Mr. Sunmeet Chahal (Partner at EY) introducing the company and its policies. He said that the company deals in Risk Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain, etc. Their clientele included various banks, insurance companies, fintech companies, etc. Mrs. Niyati Sood (Consulting Partner at EY), elaborated on the diverse working culture of the organisation and various campaigns held by the company. Anjali Verghese (Senior Manager at EY) elaborated on the job description & job requirements for the profile offered by the company.


September 18, 2021
No. of Attendees: 240

Dr. Navin Punjabi introduced the speaker Mr. Jaimit Doshi, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance who elaborated on how to attempt a virtual interview, which can either be interesting or difficult depending upon the candidate. He stated that doing interviews helps to make new contacts and that the candidate who appears for the interview must be honest, respectful, and truthful with the interviewer. Mr. Doshi stated that during an interview, the candidate should be very specific with their replies.


September 20, 2021
No. of Attendees: 165

Ms. Megha Gupta (Senior Human Resources Manager), Mr. Rajesh MK (Vice President - Training & Research) from Axxela gave a brief introduction about the company and its policies.

Ms. Megha Gupta briefed the students about the company and the history of how it started with just 5 people. She set forth the team demographics and the various exchange locations of the company and enlightened the students about Axxela being in the top 5 market share rank. She highlighted the intense demands of the job and talked about the open-door culture of the company. As a best practice, she stressed how the company focuses on the mental health of its employees by conducting counseling sessions and employee engagement programs. Mr. Rajesh MK informed the students about the advantages of being an employee at Axxela. Lastly, a Q&A round was held by him and all the queries of the students were addressed.


September 20, 2021
No. of Attendees: 100

Ms. Shloka Shetty (Business Development Manager) commenced the session by providing a brief introduction of Mr. Deepak Bhagchandani, the founder of QuickSell, as well as the company. The students were made aware of the company's mission, which is to transform the phrase "technology is complex" into "I never knew technology is so simple." They were also provided with product information and also information on the type of people the company is looking for. A short-pre-recorded clip was shown to the students to provide an understanding of the company's work methodology. Ms. Shloka also shared the many opportunities that the company offers and briefed the students about the total salary package and the interview procedure

September 24, 2021

Mr. Jaideep Nair, Vice President, TresVista began the session by showing a video that provided an overview of the company's work culture and atmosphere. It also included a few mantras that the firm believes in. Mr. Nair talked about his path from analyst to Vice President, as well as the company's story, which began 15 years ago with only 25-30 people. He emphasized that other companies in this industry are process-driven, but TresVista is dynamic and analytical. The students were enlightened about the company’s service delivery model, the client mix, the services offered, and lastly the summary of the services the employees will have to perform. Lastly, a Q&A round was held by him and all the queries of the students were addressed.


September 30, 2021
No. of Attendees: 80

Mr. Abhishake Mathur, Vice President – Technology, ICICI Lombard gave an introduction about the company and explained the workings of the company and the different services it offers to its clients. He continued by saying that the team is looking for ways to improve the efficiency of its operations and discussed how technology is altering the insurance industry. The students were shown a short film to provide them with an overview of the company's work style. He further explained the job description and CTC for the offered positions.


October 7, 2021
No. of Attendees: 140

Mr. Siddhartha Shukla (Manager Campus Recruiting), Mr. Anurag Bharadwaj (Executive Director) of Morgan Stanley gave a brief introduction about the company and its policies. Mr. Siddhartha Shukla outlined the organization's core values as well as the company's global footprint in the finance sector. The students were briefed about the company’s virtual analyst program and virtual intern program. They were also made aware of the various employee network groups and the benefits offered by the company to their employees. Mr. Siddhartha explained to the students about the virtual campus recruitment process that will be followed and also about the platforms the students can connect with.

October 28, 2021

Mr. Chirag Sinari (Campus Recruiter - Senior Analyst, Deloitte) and Mr. Balaji E.G. (Tax Senior Manager, Deloitte) gave a brief introduction about the company and its policies. The students were shown a short clip that gave them an idea of the company's culture. The organization has a 175-year legacy and employees are allowed to learn and grow with the company and specialize in consulting, auditing, taxation, and financial advice.

Mr. Chirag Sinari spoke of the company's hierarchy related to work and many job profiles available. They also run several initiatives, such as the Special Mentorship Women Program, the Deloitte Young Leadership Program, and so on. He discussed the job description, the company’s CTC, and the interview process.


November 25, 2021
Attendees: 45

A seminar was organized to help students know more about the EY Scholarship program with Megha Gupta (Associate Director of Cooperate Talent Team) and Rakhi Bhatia (Assisting Cooperate HR Team). They shared some of their great insights from their time with EY, as well as speaking to the students about the EY scholarship program. The company named as one of India’s Top 5 Attractive employer places to work, launched its signature scholarship program in 2014. The program was launched on October 29, 2021, and it provides the students with entrepreneurial skills. In addition, the students were informed about the program’s eligibility and selection criteria. Lastly, an interactive Q&A session was held wherein the queries of the students were answered.

December 2, 2021

The speakers Mr. Rohit Verma (Tax Partner) & Ms. Anusha K (Advanced Tax Analyst) gave a brief introduction about the company and its policies.

Mr. Rohit briefed students about EY highlighting it as a well-known tax consultancy organisation. He also talked about the influence of technology on tax services and how the company has fundamentally changed it. The participants were informed about the importance of digitization in the tax business. Ms. Anusha presented the work profile and job descriptions at EY. She talked about the collaboration with Udemy and even the various internal learning programmes along with the rapid career development and partner promotions.

December 10, 2021

Ms. Tanima Dhawan, HR Director briefed students about Zoo Media, a home-grown media network consisting of 7 agency brands namely FoxyMoron, Doyen Oin, Pollen, The Rabbit Hole, Mammoth Media, NoesisTech, and Phosphene. Ms. Dhawan spoke about the organizational structure, hierarchy, culture and its core beliefs were also discussed. Ms. Dhawan highlighted Zoo Media’s rapid career development and preferment plans. In conclusion, there was an interactive Q&A session held to solve the queries of the students.

Pre-Placement talk by PwC
December 13, 2021

Mr. Shreyas Petkar, Partner Risk Assurance, shared PwC's legacy of being one of the Fortune's Best Companies for the 16th Consecutive Year, providing tremendous opportunities on a global scale, and introducing courses such as Robotics and AI. He made the students aware of the fields of work in PwC which is mainly divided into three categories that are Assurance, Tax & Regulations, and Advisory in management.

Mr. Shreyas delivered a detailed explanation on the Assurance Dept by defining its core part – Auditing, CMAAS Advisory and Risk Assurance in which Governance, Risk & Controls was the main area he explored to the students where an employee is focused on helping and advising in setting up of businesses along with direct exposure to working with the top-level management.

Mr. Shreyas further stated about Contracts and Compliance, Financial Services Risk, etc. but most importantly, he introduced flexibility in the field where if the student qualifies the minimum requirement provided by PwC while working at the firm can change his field of work.

December 18, 2021

Mr. Rakesh Chawla, Director – Group Finance, commenced the symposium by providing a brief introduction about himself, Deutsche Bank, and its various functions. Candidates were informed about the four major functions of the bank, which are as follows - private bank, corporate bank, asset management, and investment banker. Collectively this business model is known as four client-centric businesses. Further, he stated what are the principles and values the bank wants to offer its customer and what it expects from its employees. In continuation, he enlightened all the students about the social work the bank has been doing apart from its core business. The social work done in terms of their local community projects, born to be programme, made for a good programme, etc and of course how the bank helped in this pandemic situation. Students were also given an insight into their finance India employee management.

Mr. Chawla further stated about their ADP programme where they recruit brains directly from college which helps to get the new ideas and innovations in their business. He then invited some of the ADP 2021 students to share their experiences with us.

December 20, 2021

Ms. Radhika Satwalekar, Associate Sales Manager, and Ms Kavya Gupta, University Relations Officer- Human Resource gave an overview of the company and how it helps a business to go online along with developing products that are required for running business websites. She further elaborated how the company has seven million customers globally and also named a few brands they are currently working with. Ms. Radhika then emphasised the core values that the firm has i.e., treating their clients as their assets and hiring people who are passionate about their work.

Next, she described the role for which the company is hiring i.e., sales associate and business development associate, and what is expected from them, and how they will be given a revenue target as a goal for each month. She discussed the two sectors in which the company works i.e., Wholesale and Retail. The meeting concluded with an interactive Q&A session held to solve queries.

Investments and Personal Finance for Beginners Session
December 21, 2021

A session to help beginners learn in detail about investments and trading was conducted by the Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Placement Cell of H.R. College in association with Namita Invest India.

Mrs. Namita Patel conducted a poll asking – “is it easy to save now?”. She then informed the students about the various modes of investing, the importance of balancing portfolios, and the role that risk appetite plays. A brief presentation on the tax implications of various asset classes, as well as returns across asset classes over time, was delivered. Further, she continued by telling students about the drawbacks of investing in real estate and alternative investment options for real estate investment. When asked for investment advice, she advised on how to learn about trading. Also, an observation was shared with the students about the commonly made mistakes while trading.

December 27, 2021

Mr. Arshish Kavarana – Senior Director (Head - Occupier Consulting & Digital Initiatives) commenced by providing a brief introduction about himself and his team. He began by discussing the impact of the pandemic on the corporate sector. The candidates were shown a short video to give them an overview of the organisation. The students were also informed about the company’s prior CSR efforts, which helped the employees, engage with each other. Arshish went on to explain why someone should consider joining Colliers, how the company will help them grow, the working culture of the company, the type of applicant they are seeking, and what an ideal candidate means to them. To provide candidates with information about the selection process, an explanation of the recruitment process and compensation structure was provided.

Mr. Kavarana further spoke about their Office Services Associate Program. A short video about the experience of the current employees was also presented.

January 4, 2022

Ms. Gurneet Mendhiratta (Executive Director), Ms. Ananya Sharma (Campus Recruiter), Mr. Sanil Chaudhari (Associate), Mr. Pratik Bhat (Associate), Ms. Tejashree Dautpure (Associate), Ms. Sia Karki (Analyst) enlightened the students about the working of the company.

Ms. Gurneet shared JP Morgan's legacy of being one of the best companies globally for about 200 years, providing tremendous opportunities on a large scale. She emphasised the core values which the company believes in i.e., to be the number one in whatever they do and how they want to be the driving force for any change in the industry. JP Morgan is not only private but government too. The company was looking for people to join their banking team, which has two divisions namely commercial banking and investment banking; and how the company invests in its employees and helps them develop as an individual.

Ms. Tejashree and Mr. Sanil told the students about commercial banking and investment banking respectively. They had great interaction with the candidates by sharing a few corporate financial triggers and discussing them. Ms. Sia took over and talked about her experience with the company, how she started as a junior analyst and now has clients all over the world. The meeting concluded with Ms. Ananya discussing the selection process and the criteria for the same.

Placement Cell

Placement Activities 2020-2021

Some of the engagements of the Placement Cell activities include:

  • Summer Internship Season (April-June)
  • Articleship Season (July-August)
  • Winter Internship (October-November)
  • Articleship Season (January-March)
  • Final Placement Season (commences in September)
  • Ernst and Young Scholarship Program
  • Ernst and Young Certification course “CAFTA” – Certification in Applied Finance, Treasury and Analytics
  • Cargill Scholarship Program
  • Guest Lectures by corporates
  • HR Pulse Sessions: A Flagship Program of the Placement Cell grooming the students on life skills like Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Cracking the Group discussion and Networking for the future.
  • KPMG Pulse Session
  • HR Pulse Sessions
  • KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC)
  • KPMG Campus Ambassador Programme
  • Webinars

The college strongly believes in exposing students to various sections of the society and encourages them to pursue at least one corporate internship as well as one NGO internship in the three years of their degree programme. The Corporates and the Students approach appreciate the Placement Cell, for its process driven approach.

The Placement Cell Team comprises of 30+ dedicated members diligently working under the guidance of Dr. Navin Mukesh Punjabi, Vice-Principal and Director of the Placement Cell. Together, they not only work towards providing that extra fuel to drive the career choices of the students but also assist them in choosing the perfect role that suits them the best at the corporate level through on-campus job opportunities.

"The ultimate aim of any degree should be application of knowledge to solve real life problems and the Placement Cell strives hard to make students realize their true potential, be it taking up a job or starting a new venture. We strongly believe in empowering students to decide what they want to do in their careers by giving them the right platform to explore, grow, and achieve what they want to do in life. We echo the vision of Placement Cell ‘Linking campus to careers.’ “We strongly orient our students to take up a job role, if they feel they will be able to do justice to it and spend reasonable time in that role, where they not only get to learn but also contribute to the organization they join and make a name for themselves,” says Dr. Navin Mukesh Punjabi, Vice-Principal and Director Placements.

Corporate connect:

Student Joint Chairpersons:
Niyomi Shah- 7021153324
Muskaan Sachdeva- 7390093111

To recruit from H.R. College, reach out to the Student Joint Chairpersons from Monday to Friday between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm or mail us on

Tel: 022-22042195 Ext.: 124

In case a student of the college has, any query please e-mail on:

We appreciate and acknowledge the inquiries about assistance from other colleges. Nonetheless, the Placement Cell only caters to the students of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics.