Certificate Course



September 21-24, 2022         Attendees: 42

The BMS Committee of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics organised a 30-hour certificate course on Entrepreneurship for students.

It was conducted by Dr. Hasina Sayed, a guide for Ph.D. students at the University of Mumbai in the field of commerce and a certified mentor for London Business School, Goldman Sachs, and the National Entrepreneurship Network. In this course, students were given an insight into generation of ideas, creative thinking, how to re-purpose certain things, group presentations, chart making, start-up planning and being cost effective. Major topics covered included business models, value proposition, customer segmentation, customer profiling and costing method.

The course was completely activity based and taught students how to cope with the challenges of the business world. It was an elementary course of entrepreneurship, a good beginning for students who aspire to start their own venture. The course inculcated a sense of creativity, confidence, and entrepreneurial skills in the students’ minds.


October 1, 2022 onwards         Participants: 34 students

Monetrē - The BFSI club of H.R College of Commerce & Economics conducted a 30-hour certificate course on 'Personal financial planning' with renowned financial experts Mr. Ajay Desai and Mr. Vishal Malkani as course instructors. The course included vital concepts of personal finance planning and students benefited from this course as it improved their financial understanding, gave them the ability to manage finances and make sound investment decisions.


December 20, 2022 - January 2, 2023

The Commerce Department of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics organised a certificate course - Corporate Readiness in association with Placement Cell.

Day 1: December 20, 2022         Attendees: 64

The session began with Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, Principal H.R. College of Commerce & Economics and Dr. Navin Mukesh Punjabi, the Vice Principal of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics and the director of the Placement Cell, welcoming course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain.

Ms. Jain, an MBA degree from Sam Houston State University in Texas, is pursuing a Ph.D. in Business, and is currently the Education Assessment Preparation Tutor at one of the top universities in the UK.

Ms. Jain advanced the discussion by sharing her personal experiences as a human resources manager for an American electric corporation and a global corporation in India. She highlighted her experience of working in the UK higher education sector and in HRM.

She also discussed her involvement as an entrepreneur in the Wedding Planning Industry in India and summarized her professional career across three nations. The session ended with an a Q&A and a formal vote of thanks.

Day 2: December 21, 2022         Attendance: 58

The session began with course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain’s presentation titled: Postgraduate Pathways. This session was geared to provide career guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate students. She discussed the higher education scenario in USA and UK followed by a detailed discussion on exams such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS. Ms. Jain provided insights about Triple Crown Accreditation colleges. The session ended with a Q&A and a formal vote of thanks.

Day 3: December 22, 2022         Attendance: 58

The session began with course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain discussing the timeline for various study abroad scholarships. She went on to highlight how students may use platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with professors while pursuing their PhDs, as well as share their own experiences of receiving scholarships and the value of sports in obtaining scholarships. Additionally, she mentored and offered suggestions to the participants based on her own personal experiences. Towards the end of the session, she threw some light on significance of resume building and helped the students to make their resume more appealing. The session ended with a Q&A and a formal vote of thanks.

Day 4: December 23, 2022         Attendees: 55

The session began with course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain advising and guiding students to present a formal and professional resume. Ms. Jain then introduced and discussed the topic of the day - Presentation Styles such as Pecha Kucha and Story Telling. She briefly described the Pecha Kucha presentation style, which includes no words, only pictures, or very few words in a concise manner. After briefly explaining the styles, she assigned the students an activity to create a presentation using any of the styles. Later, she provided an overview of the applicability of both presentation styles, stating that Pecha Kucha is good for internal conversations and Storytelling is good when the audience is diverse. She concluded the session by encouraging the students to enhance their presentation skills.

Day 5: December 24, 2022         Attendees: 80

The session began with course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain discussing university and job applications. She briefly described an application packet, which includes certificates and transcripts, a Statement of Purpose (SOP), a Letter of Recommendation (LOR), an application etc. She demonstrated the process of applying to universities and checking updates after briefly explaining each application. She provided an overview of how to write job applications and provided important websites that are very helpful when it comes to job applications. She explained that in addition to 9 to 5 jobs, there are other options such as freelancing or entrepreneurship.

Day 6: December 28, 2022         Attendees: 60

The session began with course facilitator Ms. Khyati Jain discussing the topic of the day – Cover Letters. She briefly described two types of cover letters, specific and general, as well as their applications. She provided information on email etiquette and the do's and don'ts of email writing in great detail. She talked about Netiquettes and Text Etiquettes, business attire and dining etiquette. In dining etiquette, she explained how each spoon and glass has a different use and how a person is supposed to eat. The session concluded with a very interactive Q&A.

Day 7: December 29, 2022         Attendees: 69

Course facilitator Mrs. Khyati Jain began the session by assessing and discussing the task of making Cover Letters and resumes and introduced the topic: Social Media Networking. At first, she talked about Twitter and how it has been growing in the terms of communications, connections, and real-time news. She then discussed Facebook, which is typically used by businesses to verify the backgrounds of potential hires, post about events, etc. Finally, she discussed LinkedIn, the most important resource for developing business relationships.

Day 8: December 30, 2022         Attendees: 72

Course facilitator Mrs. Khyati Jain introduced the topic of the day: software. She began with some basic information on common programmes such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft One Note, etc., and their applications in the business sector. She continued by talking about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, software tailored specifically for the marketing industry. Emphasis was given to their uses in making brochures, posters, graphic designing, image creation, etc. Toward the end, Financial and Accounting software like SPSS Database, Tally ERP, and System Applications and Products (SAPs) were introduced to the participants. The session ended with an interactive Q&A round.

Day 9: January 2, 2023         Attendees: 44

Mrs. Khyati Jain addressed the candidates at the start of the session and gave an overview of the day's theme - Group Discussions and Interviews. She started by discussing the personal interview and its dos and don’ts and followed it with group discussions and online interviews. This was followed by some mock interviews and group discussions. Towards the end, students were told about peer reviews and how are they done. The session ended with an interactive question and answer round.


January 16 - February 6, 2023         Attendees: 112

The BFM Committee launched the third season of the stock market certificate program ‘Stalk the Stock 2023’. Stalk the Stock was a programme conducted specifically to help students learn various aspects of the stock market from basic to intermediate level financial market topics, with market experts in the field. After the introductory sessions, students were taken through the complexities of Fundamental Analysis to Derivatives. The programme also covered topics like technical analysis, trading, clearing and settlement in Derivatives Market. The last session held was on financial planning. The second half of the programme was a week-long mock stock competition held to aid the students to implement the learnings from the sessions. The Mock Stock competition took place from January 30, 2023 to February 6, 2023.


February 6, 2023 - March 25, 2023         Attendee: 200

The B.Voc. Committee of H.R. College in association with Star health association, had conducted a “PROJECT SAKSHAM” a 30-hour certification course focused on providing a holistic insight into the workings of various insurance products. The aim of this course was to enhance capabilities so that they can be insurance agents and able to generate income by selling and making people aware about insurance products.

Ms. Gazala Shaikh - Senior Territory Manager and Mr. Prashant Kapdoskar - Senior Divisional Manager conducted the sessions on various aspects of health insurance, including the coverage, premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. They also explained the process of filing a claim and the documents required for the same. The speakers also gave examples of how insurance can help students save money in the long run and how it can provide financial security in case of a medical emergency.

During the sessions the students, had the opportunity to clarify their doubts and queries about insurance. The speakers answered their questions patiently and provided valuable insights into the various aspects of insurance.


February 18 - March 11, 2023         Attendees: 41

The 30-hours certificate course on GST was conducted virtually and was organized by the Accountancy Association of H.R. College, in association with Foundation for Skill Development.

Foundation for Skill Development (FSD) is organisation of Professionals whose main object is to educate the public in general and the members and students on various Direct and Indirect Taxes operative in the State of Maharashtra and whole of India. Various teachers shared their expertise and taught important concepts such as important definitions, time and value of supply, registrations, assessments, business audit etc. The course consisted of 10 live lectures, spanning for 3 hours each. At the end of the course, the students were well versed with the concepts of GST and capable of solving practical problems.


February 25 - April 9, 2023         Attendees: 105

The M.Com Committee recently concluded a 30-hour value added financial planning course. This comprehensive program was designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively, led by eminent speakers such as, Ms. Preeti Salecha, Mr. Jitendra Attra, CA Piyali Parashari.

The course content was structured around a series of modules that covered a wide range of personal finance topics including budgeting and money management, credit and debt management, investment strategies, retirement planning, and tax planning. Each module was expertly crafted to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the subject matter and teaching of practical skills.

The course was delivered by experienced financial planners and educators who used a combination of lectures, case studies, and interactive activities to engage participants. These instructors employed various teaching methods, including visual aids, interactive sessions, and individual assignments, to ensure that all participants learned and retained their learning.

Participants gained improved financial literacy, which will enable them to make informed financial decisions in the future. They also learned how to develop and implement sound financial strategies that can help them achieve their long-term financial goals.

This program equipped budding professionals with the necessary tools to navigate the complex world of personal finance and achieve financial success.


March 9-19, 2023         Attendees: 285

The BMS Committee concluded a successful year by providing valuable knowledge and creating a significant impact on more than 250 students. The Committee organized a Value-Added Certificate Course that covered essential topics such as Resume Building, Public Speaking, and Basics of Information Technology, among others. The course aimed to provide holistic development to students and featured notable industry experts as guest speakers.

The Committee employed various engaging methods to make the sessions interesting, such as presentations, videos, and case studies. The Value-Added Certificate Course concluded with a Master Session on Leadership delivered by the esteemed Principal, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani.

Additionally, an application-based MCQ test was administered on the final day to evaluate the student's learnings from the course. The course was well-received, with an average daily attendance of 285 students. It provided students with high-end knowledge on crucial aspects of life and made them ready to make a mark in their careers. Overall, the BMS Committee can be proud of its efforts in creating a positive impact on the students’ lives.


July 3 - July 7, 2023         Attendees: 130

A certificate program on emerging trends in the banking and insurance sector took place on July 3, 2023, at the Mumbai Convention Center. With 130 participants from diverse backgrounds, including banking, finance, and insurance, the program featured five lectures delivered by esteemed industry experts.

Key Highlights:

  • The program covered several important topics, including:
  • The transformative impact of digital banking on traditional models.
  • The utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in banking and insurance.
  • The potential applications of blockchain technology in the financial services industry.
  • The disruptive influence of the fintech industry on traditional financial institutions.
  • The critical need for cybersecurity in banking and insurance.

The certificate program on emerging trends in the banking and insurance sector proved to be a successful endeavor. Attendees gained valuable insights into industry advancements from leading experts and had the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers and professionals. The organizers extend their gratitude to the participants, faculty, and sponsors for their valuable contributions and support.

Certificate Course Photo Gallery 2022-23


January 28 to February 20, 2022

The BFM and the BAF committee came together to launch the 2nd season of the 30 hours stock market certificate program Fin-Est - 'Stalk the Stock'.

32 enthusiasts participated in the program FIN-EST a program conducted specifically to make students learn various aspects of the Stock Market and help them implement the concepts they learned.

The general status of the current market was being discussed, which was followed by a special session on introducing the financial markets. Various concepts were taught and practiced right from Fundamental Analysis to Global Analysis. The program also covered topics like Technical Analysis, Cryptocurrencies, and Risk Management. A weeklong mock stock was also held to aid in the learning process of the participants. FIN-EST was concluded with a bonus session on 'Cryptocurrency', which did receive good responses and was no doubt an interactive one.

The following speakers were called to deliver the recorded and live sessions: Mr. Rahul Jain, Mr. Kanish Sanghvi, Mr. Hari Prasad, Mr. Anant Ladha, Mr. Devashish Bhuyan, and Ms. Rushika Chavda.

February 22 to March 19, 2022

Certificate Course of 36 hours on GST was conducted virtually, which was organised by the Accountancy Association of HR College, in association with The Goods and Services Tax Practitioners' Association of Maharashtra.

The Goods and Services Tax Practitioners' Association of Maharashtra is a State level body of Sales Tax Practitioners established in the year 1951. The Association has its membership spread all over the state of Maharashtra comprising Tax Practitioners and other professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Advocates practicing in GST, VAT, Service Tax, and allied laws. They offer certificate courses in the concept of GST and its applications to different colleges in Mumbai.

This GST Course had registered a count of 85 students who were from various course backgrounds from different colleges across Mumbai. The course was completed in 12 days, held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 3 hours from 6 pm to 9 pm, segmented into two 1 ½ hour sessions on each day.

The Inaugural Ceremony was held on February 22, 2022, in the presence of Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, Principal of H.R. College. The Inaugural ceremony comprised a formal Introduction of CA Aalok Mehta - Hon'ble President of The Goods and Service Tax Practitioners' Association of Maharashtra & a brief description of the GST Course by Ms. Anjalli Vachhani, Faculty-in-charge of Accountancy Association, and the Coordinator of the GST Course.

3. Certificate Courses conducted by NIIT
February 25, 2022

An MOU was signed between H.R. College of Commerce & Economics and NIIT Center Grant Road, to provide certificate-training courses to students of H.R. College. The objective of this MOU is to provide students with

course knowledge and to give practical knowledge to help them be job-ready and easily accepted in the industry.

The course covered various topics like Advanced Excel, Tally, and Social Medial Marketing. 6 students availed of the benefit of this online certificate course program.

A similar MOU was signed with DVOC Grant Road, in February 2022 for a similar course on sound and video editing. 18 students registered and availed of the benefit of this course. The course was mainly designed keeping in mind the students of the BAMMC course.

4. POWER BI Certificate Course
February 12 to May 1, 2022

Math Club of H.R. College in association with Data skills, Hyderabad conducted a 30 Hours Certificate Course on Power BI, a business analytics service by Microsoft. With Power BI, one can connect to hundreds of data sources, build complex relational models using simple and intuitive tools, and design stunning, interactive dashboards. Power BI aims to provide Interactive Visualisation and Business Intelligence techniques with an interface simple enough for the end-users to create their reports and dashboards.

The Power BI course was conducted under the guidance of Mr. Karthik Dale, a corporate trainer, Consultant, and Founder of Data skills. 62 students enrolled in this program. The course started in February with classes conducted on weekends for the convenience of the students as well as working professionals.

Learnings from the program were:

  • Importance of Data Visualisation and its tools.
  • How to use Power BI, its products, and extensions.
  • Introduction to and working with Power Query.

The course started with basics on what kind of data sources can be used in Power BI, then moved on to learn how to mine data and obtain the desired results. In the visualization part, students were taught how to synchronize multiple pages using hyperlinks with Power BI or on external web sources, using slicers, page filters, etc.

The Valedictory Ceremony for the course was organized online on May 31, 2022, and was graced by Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, Course Coordinator Ms. Vijayalaxmi Suvarna and the team of Data skills, Hyderabad. Students shared their insights and experiences.

Power BI is the need of the hour with its practicality and industry-level application and the Math Club is honoured to have conducted such a great course in collaboration with Data Skills.

December 8-29, 2021

The Language Department of IPC conducted a Spanish Language Class to assist students to learn the language that would benefit them, opening a wide array of opportunities for the Students. Ms. Jennissa Thomas conducted the Spanish class course for the students. She holds a B1 Spanish diploma and is working toward a C2 (Mastery/Proficiency) certificate. She worked as a Freelance Tutor for almost two years, teaching Spanish to young children and IB students. She worked at the Language Network for 6 months as a well-known Spanish trainer, teaching people Spanish Levels A1 and A2. The students learnt to converse in simple language, introduce themselves and convey their interests in Spanish. They learnt the basics of the language, such as how to greet and bid farewell to

others, basic everyday expressions, alphabets with pronunciation, numerals in Spanish, days of the week, months of the year, and how to ask/give personal information, among other things. The course concluded with a test to revise the learnings imbibed by the students.

May 2-20, 2022

The Language Department of the International Programs Committee of H.R. College of Commerce conducted a German Language Class to enable students to learn the German language and to open the door to numerous personal and professional opportunities. Under the guidance of Mrs. Sharvari Khatavkar a batch of 28 students pursued the language course. She has been teaching German for the past 25 years and has an excellent academic record in the language.

During the duration of the course, the students were taught how to introduce themselves and convey their interests in German. The students got an opportunity to learn the basics of the language, such as how to greet and bid farewell to others, basic everyday expressions, alphabets and how to pronounce them, numerals in German, days of the week, months of the year, and how to ask/give personal information, among other things. Tests and assignments were taken throughout the course to revise the knowledge of the language that was gained by the Students.

Certificate Course Photo Gallery 2021-22