Former Principals

Principal Dr. Indu Shahani (2000 - 2016)

Dr. Indu Shahani is the President & Chair of the Indian School of Design Innovation (ISDI), ISDI | WPP School of Communication and the Indian School of Management & Entrepreneurship (ISME); and is the Founding Dean of ISME.

Dr. Shahani served as Vice - Principal from 1993 – 2000 and as Principal from 2000 – 2016 at H.R. College. Under Dr. Shahani's leadership, H.R. College was the first college to be granted autonomy in 2006. During her tenure, some of the outstanding achievements of the college include:

  • Exponential growth in number of programs offered by the college
  • First College in Mumbai to get Accredited 'A' Grade in 2003 and being the only Commerce college in India to score a GPA of 3.72 in NAAC in the year 2013
  • Best College Award in University of Mumbai in 2011
  • College with Potential for Excellence under the UGC Scheme in 2016

  • Dr. Indu Shahani has been acknowledged worldwide as a visionary thought leader for her significant contribution to education and value-based leadership. She has over four decades of teaching experience at the college and university level.

    Dr. Indu Shahani was appointed Sheriff of Mumbai in 2008 and the one year term was extended to an additional term in 2009. Dr. Shahani was also the first Indian to be appointed Vice-Chair on the Board of the Governors of the International Baccalaureate and has over a decade of experience with the IB worldwide 2001 -2010.

    Dr. Indu Shahani has been nominated on leading boards of large national and global companies that has provided an impetus for 'academia - industry collaborations' the subject of her PhD from University of Mumbai. She was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Letters degree by the University of Westminster in London on November 16, 2009. As a tribute to Dr. Shahani, the University had instituted the Sheriff of Mumbai's Scholarships for Women from Mumbai to study a Master's programme in the years 2009 and 2010 in London.

    Dr. Shahani is a Visiting Faculty Member at the UC Berkeley, NYU Stem, USA and she is a Lead Speaker at various conferences in India and abroad. She has also developed many linkages for student and faculty exchanges with leading universities in USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

    Dr. Shahani has received many awards, prominent among them are 'Women of the Decade Achievers Award' by ASSOCHAM; 'Citizen of Mumbai Award' by Rotary Club of Bombay and 'Excellence in Education Award' by the FI CCI FLO.

Principal Mohan Hemandas Ajwani (1992 - 2000)

Late M.H. Ajwani was born on November 1, 1935 in Nowabshaw (Pakistan). He did his post-graduation in geography from M.S. University, Baroda, in 1960, and another M.A. in Economics from University of Mumbai in 1976. He completed his Ph.D. after his superannuation..

He joined M.M.K. College (run by the HSNC Board), as a Lecturer in 1961 and continued till June, 1964. Then he shifted to Chinai College of Commerce & Economics in June 1964 and remained there till June, 1981.

Further, he moved to Vivekanand College, Chembur, as a Senior Lecturer and Vice Principal in December, 1992.

He came to H.R. College of Commerce & Economics as Vice Principal and was here until June, 1990, when the HSNC Board appointed him Principal of M.M.K. College, Bandra. He remained there till May, 1992.

He was appointed Principal of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics on June 1, 1992. Principal Ajwani returned to H.R. like a fresh breath of air, ushering in an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust among staff and students.

Being an even-tempered and unassuming person by nature, he endeared himself both to students and staff by virtue of his humanity, and his helpful, gentle and friendly disposition.

Principal Ajwani was instrumental in putting H.R. College among the top eight colleges of the Mumbai University and among the 209 top colleges all over India, selected by the UGC to teach vocationalisation at the degree level. This included subjects such as Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management, Tourism and Travel Management and Tax Procedure and Practice.

He took a lead role in introducing the prestigious Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree course in 1999 at H.R. College. During his tenure, the Research recognition – Doctorate in Commerce (PhD) was accorded to the institution in 1996 for Business Policy and Strategy subjects.

He was re-employed by the HSNC Board as Principal of H.R. College in November, 1995, and continued his innings till October 31, 2000 when he finally retired from active service.

He went to the US to join his daughter and to avail of his green card holder permit. He even took up some teaching assignments there. However, on May 2, 2002, he passed away, leaving behind a rich legacy at H.R.

Principal Gyan Bhagchand Daryani (1990 - 1992)

Principal G.B. Daryani was born on June 5, 1938, in Hyderabad (Sind). He did his Masters Degree in Accounts and Commerce from the University of Rajasthan.

He started his career as a Lecturer at the G.S. College of Commerce, Wardha, in September, 1961. Later, he shifted as Lecturer to the Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya Ambajogai in June, 1962.

He joined Smt. C.H.M. College, Ulhasnagar (an institution of HSNC Board) as HOD Commerce in 1971. He was appointed Principal of the MMK College, Bandra, from December, 1984 and continued there till June, 1990.

Principal Daryani was transferred to H.R. College in June 1990 and he was the third principal in succession. He was an even-headed administrator with a cool temperament. H.R. attained new heights of academic excellence and became a better disciplined institution under his tenure. The Anti-Drug Week was successfully organized for the first time during the second year of his tenure as Principal of the College.

As a team, Principal Daryani and Vice Principal Indu Shahani worked wonders! 1990-91 was a landmark year in many respects: H.R. embarked upon College Development Programmes and brought about many infrastructural changes. Some of the highlights are as follows – a grand 10 ft. high entrance gate of H.R. College was built, a brand new conference room was created on the fifth floor, a full fledged Seminar room was commissioned, the H.R. cafeteria was born, the Students Placement Cell was founded, the new avatar of the 'Voyager' (the College magazine) was launched, and various other changes affected. The College also introduced a new attendance scheme with motivation to students to attend classes.

Principal Daryani remained with H.R. College as Principal for two years and went bank to MMK College as Principal in June, 1992. He retired from MMK College, subsequently, and is enjoying his retired life.

Principal P.N. Gidwani (1971- 1990)

Pribhudas Gidwani was born on August 3, 1916. As Principal of H.R. College, he rendered outstanding service for close to 20 years. However, his association with the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board spanned 30 long years.

Principal Gidwani a man of considerable scholarship. He did his BA from Bombay University, following it up with a BSc. (Economics) from London, alongwith a M.Litt from Glasgrow and a Barrister of the Middle Temple London. He also studied at the faculty de-Droit at Paris.

He was a widely-traveled person and undertook many a journey through Europe, the Middle East and parts of South East Asia. This gave him a deep knowledge of people and places. He played a vital role in the growth and development of the H.R. College, and played a leading role in its emergence and shaping it as a holistic centre for learning. It was during his tenure that the College emerged as a prestigious institution over a span of two eventful decades. Under the able guidance of Principal Gidwani, the number of students increased, the activities of the College were enhanced and consistently good academic results were achieved. The teaching faculty and methodology were also strengthened.

Principal Gidwani, despite his considerable intelligence wasn't intimidating, and was in fact gifted with the virtues of generosity and compassion. He was an administrator par excellence and a benevolent father figure to all his students. He had a patient ear and a helping hand for every one. Consequently, he was held in high esteem by one and all.

In 1977-78 the College introduced the Applied Component group of subjects, which included Advertising, Tourism, Computer System, among other subjects. He introduced innovations like the 'Discussion Group', which deliberated on various issues and aspects from semester to semester, to give momentum to the consumers' awareness movement. He introduced GASP (The Group Against Smoking Promotion) in 1985. He encouraged the publication of 'Undergraduate' - a journal by and of the students. After his retirement in 1990, he is living a fulfilled life with his family.

Founder Principal H.C. Malkani (1960 - 1971)

An economist, a visionary, an academician and a teacher who continued to be both Professor and Head of the Department of Economics during his tenure as Principal of H.R. College, H.C. Malkani was a student of the D.G. National College at Hyderabad (Sind), and was a Fellow of the College. Later, he joined the School of Economics at Bombay. He secured a high Second Class at his MA, with History and Economics, standing Second in the University. He was a Professor of Economics, first at Ramjas College, Delhi, then at Shikarpur (Sind). He became the first Principal of the HSNC Board's College of Commerce & Economics, when it was started in 1945 in Sind.

Immediately after migration to India, post-Partition, he became a Professor of Economics at Baroda College, and then a Reader in Economics at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, and acted as Head of the Department of Economics from 1954-59. He was particularly gifted in guiding research students for their PhD, and was one of the recognised teachers for PhD at the University of Bombay.

He conducted and published 'A Socio-Economic Survey of Baroda City' (1954-55), sponsored by the Research Programmes Committee of the Planning Commission. He was a distinguished speaker, addressed several seminars and wrote many books throughout his illustrious academic career.

In 1960, he became the founder Principal of the College of Commerce & Economics (subsequently rechristened the H.R. College of Commerce & Economics) and nurtured it with passion, vision and tireless hard work. The students loved him, the staff looked up to him, and in academic circles his reputation was impeccable. Very quickly, the College picked up in reputation and despite being a new institution, the classrooms were full and the number of students seeking admission was astounding.

An Editorial in the College Souvenir of 1963 notes: "At College socials, we see him at his best - witty, with a fund of anecdotes - and he makes everybody at home.

The problems of (running) a big College naturally worry him - a quiet academic man. But as he has the loyal support of his colleagues, and as he has identified himself with the College, he is giving it his best. The future of the College could not be in better hands."