Young Minds Club

Young Minds, also known as the Students' Council of Junior College, is one of the largest clubs of the Junior College. Young Minds organizes events, which are not only fun but also enhance teamwork, responsibility, and accountability in the students.

Young Minds plays a major role in all activities of the college and provides a strong student support system in the administration of the college. It actively engages the students in various events & also organises day treks.

One of the major functions of the council is to work alongside the teaching faculty and ensure coordination & integration of all college activities. These would include administrative activities, the hospitality of guests and dignitaries, assistance to teachers and staff, participation in inter-collegiate events, student grievances, & various extra-curricular activities including social projects.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024

SPECTRA Diwali Puja

Date: November 7, 2023         Attendees 230

Theme – Diwali Traditional         Venue –HR College of Commerce and Economics

HR College celebrated Diwali with a traditional puja, adorning the campus with lights, diyas, and rangoli. The event showcased a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, with the Young Minds Club organizing cultural performances and games. The Diwali puja illuminated the college campus with joy and unity.

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ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


August 8, 2022         Attendees: 50

Young Minds - the youth club of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics kick started the academic year with its most awaited event BAMBOOZLED exclusively for the SYJC. The event let participants de-stress from their busy lives.

The categories of the event included: Trivia Questions, Guess the Company Slogans and Logos, Riddles, Tongue Twisters, Tasks and Meme It. These categories kept the participants on their toes and put their pre-existing knowledge to good use. Each category put in its fair share of difficulty for the participants. From twisted tongues to failed memes this event challenged the participants in every possible way. Moreover, the opportunity given to the participants by the OC to name their own teams was simply the cherry on the top bringing out the spirit of camaraderie in each of them. The event came to an end with the winners for the day: Team Excellence, Team Sasta and Team Jaadu.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


July 3 & 4, 2021

The academic year 2021-'22 kick-started with the First Intra-Collegiate extravaganza 'Beyond the Limits' whose first element was J-A-M - Just a Minute! The event, Beyond the limits, aimed at giving the students a platform to develop their oratory and literary skills.

JAM was an impromptu speech platform wherein the participants had to speak on a given topic for 60 seconds. While a participant was speaking, the others could challenge him/her on three aspects: deviation, hesitation, or repetition. In case the challenge was invalid, the same participant continued to speak. Whereas if it was valid, the challenger had to take over speaking on the same topic for the remaining time.

The second element of 'Beyond the Limits' was FICTIONAL CONFERENCE, an event that gave the participants a chance to give a perfect ending to their favourite series and movies. A plot twist was given to them and they were to come up with the best plot possible. Fictional Conference was a four-round event and consisted of rounds based on Harry Potter, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, and The Vampire Diaries. The Finale round was a thriller round where they were given a basic plot of a murder mystery and were to build a plot around it. ICHR emerged as the winner.


October 14, 2021         Participants: 100

The Young Minds Team was back with gusto with its signature event Bamboozled. The Quizzing Extravaganza, this time an online event. The quiz was conducted in two rounds. The first round, a head-on round had the other participants up against one participant each. The Wheel of Mayhem was spun to decide on the genre of questions to be asked to each participant. The genre ranged from Blood Relations to Riddles, from Netflix to Audio-related questions. Participants with higher points went to the Finale round which sent the participants on a Virtual Treasure Hunt to find Cards. A surprise element, cards like the Wicked Wango Card, the Angel Card, the Monologue Card, etc. added spice. The cards were sent to the participants on various errands to earn bonus points. Revant Agarwal became the event winner.

Each participant's feedback to the Young Minds Team on this event unanimously was that this event was a unique experience.


September 5, 2021

September 5, the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is celebrated as Teachers' Day throughout the nation. The Young Minds Team organized a celebration in honour of those who impart knowledge. The event started with a speech from the President and Vice President of Young Minds Club, followed by some beautiful words from Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, Vice Principal Ms. Laju Sharma, and Supervisor Mrs. Bhavana Shah.

After a round of reminiscing the efforts of teachers, an interesting rap by Jitesh Sacher and a piano performance by Aasmi Jain enchanted the teachers. A Hindi poem by Satish Roy, an English poem by Harshi Shah, and some melodies songs enthralled the Gurus. An entertaining dance and a video by the HR alumni was dedicated to the teachers. Not to forget the fun aspect for the teachers who constantly keep working and upgrading for the students, a set of three games was conducted. The teachers were divided into two teams and they battled it out in Pictionary, Taboo, and a fun nostalgia Quiz.


February 6, 2022

The academic year 2022-23 kick-started with the First ever FYJC-organised event under the wings of Young Minds. The clock had hit the mark and so had the excitement of each present in the room. A Sunday afternoon was a perfect moment to gather and play one of the best, family-friendly mystery games THEN THERE WERE NONE – CLUEDO WITH A TWIST!

THEN THERE WERE NONE drew its inspiration from the world-renowned game Cluedo, a fun-filled game, where the objective was to determine WHO murdered Heckles at work and more importantly the weapon WHICH was used. The participants were split into 4 teams of 5 to 6 members each. Each team had to raise an accusation by framing anyone as the suspect and the possible weapon used; but only if it were that easy! As each team was challenged with the completion of a task in the given period. Upon failing to complete it, the opportunity to raise an accusation was forfeited. The game was a spice of uniqueness.

The tasks allotted were the life of the event. From naming luxury brands to answering the maximum number of riddles to as humorous as balancing a bunch of books on the head-all under a minute; this event challenged our fellow participants in every possible way!

In the two rounds-event, the participants turned into good detectives and cracked the case sooner than expected. The eventful noon saw TEAM PISCES as the winner.

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ACTIVITIES 2019-2020


Date - 11th, 12th and 13th February, 2019

The Rose Day was organized on 13th February, 2019 at the college canteen by president, Ashish Tripathi and vice president, Anoushka Mani along with the team members. The purpose of this event was to express your love to your loved ones, your friends. The event work started with all the team members discussing how to conduct the event for 2-3 days, from getting permissions, to buying roses, to coordinating with each other, to having all the fun we had while we planned this beautiful event.

We decided to take dedications from all the HRites on 11th and 12th February. The roses we sold out were red, pink, white and yellow. We had 150 dedications, some being anonymous and some without hiding their name. It was successful with the team making a considerable profit and learning a lot about team work, coordination, hard work and dedication. In the end, it was an amazing event where we learnt a lot and made some new memories.


Date - 16th August, 2019

A FRIENDS-based treasure hunt and quiz was organised by the Young Minds club of HR College on 16th August, 2019. It was the first event of our new academic year and we had been preparing for the event since the previous two weeks. There were nine groups of three people, each which participated in the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt was spread across Churchgate and the participants had to perform a task at each location to move further in the game. Out of 9 groups, 4 groups qualified for the quiz and then the groups were dissolved, each person playing for themselves. At the end of the quiz round, the results were announced. With the help of our new and enthusiastic FYs, we were able to make BAMBOOZLED a successful event.


Date - 17th September, 2019

The Young Minds club also has the honour to commend our teachers each year. In 2019, inspite of holidays for Ganesh Chaturthi, our resolution to make light of the hardwork and sheer brilliance of our teachers wasn't obstructed.

The theme for Teachers' Day 2019 was House Party, a twist of a young and energetic idea to make the evening memorable for our teachers. We began the evening with a word of admiration for our teachers and indulged them in a few spot games. There was a dance performance to entertain our teachers, followed by a long period of games set up for them all around the room.

The core team of Young Minds had also engaged in this occasion for their investiture ceremony, led by supervisor Bhavna ma'am.