Professional Skill Development Club – PSDC

The Professional Skill Development Club is a unique set up in H.R. College by its students. It provides a platform to its members where the club grants them various opportunities to learn and polish their skills. The club, along with working on upskilling its members in their individual lives, will also equip them with professional skills needed in a "World full of Suits." We believe these skills will be beneficial for our members throughout their lives and careers, and something that conventional academic syllabus does not include.

The club consists of a total of 120 members including the SYJCs and FYJCs. We believe in being consistent and having regular meetings, sessions, activities, and workshops for our members to achieve maximum efficiency and learning.

ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

Being the founder of something was on the bucket list of Rishabh Mehta and Khushi Wadhwani. Passionate about upskilling as the personal growth of its members, their creative minds plan out for the club a variety of activities to ensure edutainment.

A unique club by HRites, it provides a platform for its members and participants to learn and polish their personal and professional skills through activities in a "World full of Suits." The club believes the skills will be beneficial for its members in their lives and careers, something that conventional academic syllabus does not include.

5 major departments, viz. Administration, Public Relations, Professional Management, and Creative and Social Media organize the yearly activities. Founded on June 14, 2021, the club started its recruitment drive. The first set of recruitment ended on 25th June with 60 recruits called “Super60”.

The Voyage

August 2021

A major event of the club, in which all 60 members participated, was organized. 60 members were divided into teams of 5 and in a 5-day online event; they explored each department and learned the nuances of each.

Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, Vice Principal Ms. Laju Sharma, and the teacher in-charge Ms. Anupama Sawant attended the closing ceremony.

H.R. Model United Nations [HRMUN]

September 26, 30, and October 1, 2021

The club hosted an open event for the entire Junior College. MUN is a simulation of real-life United Nations proceedings. Senior teachers attended the event from the faculty, Principal, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani, and Vice-Principal of Junior College, Miss. Laju Sharma and 70 members.

Guest Anaita Vas chaired the Supreme Court for two days in a row. She is a Law graduate from NLSIU, has studied law at the most prestigious institute in India, and has a command over the constitution.

Law Graduates and Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani who gave out the awards to the winners graced the closing ceremony of HRMUN.


October 2021

The club once again opened its doors to the FYJCs of 2021 so the SYJCs handover the charge to them for the remaining year. One of the most successful recruitment drives gained more than 7900 views on its reel. After the recruitment process, the club recruited another 60 members and gained an overall strength of 120 members. The fresh batch of 60 members was named “Achievers”.


November 8, 2021         Attendance: 45

The members were tested for their speed, quick thinking powers, and deduction. The group was divided into two teams where each team had to solve a set of riddles and come to a final solution after which that particular team was declared the winner, but in the midst of all this, each team had certain tasks to do and together as a team they had to cheer and develop a team shout as well. The project acted as a good ice-breaking session and a warm activity to get to know the members.

Take Our Word for It

November 8, 2021         Attendance: 45

Participating members formed two teams, and they had to play with words and had to survive through tasks that tested their thinking skills, improvisation, and speaking skills.

The last meeting of the Club was held on November 20, 2021. The club is working harder to develop its core and the members to the levels they haven't imagined themselves at.

Club Meetings held during the year

June 28, 2021 - A basic introduction about the core committee and the teacher in-charge, was given to 65 participants.

July 2021 - Members were given their portfolios under core members. Minor team-building activities were conducted which served as icebreakers.

October 31, 2021 - The core members and the teacher in-charge were introduced to the recruits. The Super 60 Introduced the Achievers to the monthly plan of projects and events and wished them good luck at the club

November 2021 - Members of the club conducted a few online events, testing their speed, quick thinking powers, and deduction. 45 members were a part of the activity.

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