Marathi Vangdmay Mandal

MARATHI VANGDMAY MANDAL (MVM) aims to enhance awareness of Marathi literature, the history of Maharashtra, and its varied culture.

Every year, HRMVM organizes and celebrates ShravanUtsav with a display of the cuisine of Maharashtra, Gurupournima, Run Gayeen Awadi - a celebration of the works of Marathi literary giants, Marathi Basha Diwas, and its annual flagship event Naandi - three days intercollegiate extravaganza of literature, song-dance, and fashion. HRMVM also brings out the Club’s annual bulletin ‘HR Mood’.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024


July 3, 2023         Attendees: 06

Team MVM celebrated Guru Purnima and started the new academic year with the blessings of the gurus. The members visited the college and gave wishes, sweets and flowers to the teaching and non-teaching staff. The members made a video expressing their gratitude towards their gurus and posted it on the social media handle. Also, as per our culture and traditions, the members uploaded videos of their performances of dance and music for the teachers on this beautiful occasion as a token of appreciation and thanked them for their love and support.


July 3, 2023         Attendees: 06

The NSS club organized a Swatcchta Pakhwada [A fortnight of Cleanliness] in collaboration with Hindustan Petroleum. The fortnight was keeping in mind the mission Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The mission, entered its 9th year, serving as a torch-bearer for MVM. The team participated in the Swacchta Campaign Walkathon helping spread the message of cleanliness by chanting slogans and showcasing hoardings on the Mumbai roads to alert the public not to litter. This was a ‘doing our bit’ by MVM club.

The club spread Cleanliness Awareness via their social media handle. Aniruddha Devgire, MVM member, also participated in the Poster making competition organized by NSS X HPCL, where his poster was selected in the awardees list.


August 09, 2023         Attendees: 09

Marathi Vangdmay Mandal conducted an activity at Korba Mithagar Secondary School, Marathi medium, Wadala on the occasion of 9th August it being commemorated as “Kranti Divas” observed to remember our freedom fighters and their struggle to attain freedom. The club members, also keeping in mind the upcoming Independence Day, organized a Letter Writing competition in which 45+ students participated. The participants were asked to pen a letter to Mother India about ongoing issues and our responsibility as a citizen. 4 students were selected as the winners and were awarded prizes.

As 9th August is also known as World Tribal Day, the members conducted with the school students a tree plantation drive in which different types of saplings like hibiscus, marigold, periwinkle, etc. were planted on the school premises. The members and the school students had a fruitful day. The club and the school youth promisingly showed the future of our country in the right hands.


September 02, 2023         Attendees: 07

Marathi Vangmay Mandal conducted a social activity "Vastrarpan" [Vastra-Arpan/Donating Clothes]. The idea germinated in January from its flagship event Naandi in which one of the events was a competition of T-shirt painting. It was the participating contingent’s feedback to contribute these T-shirts to the needy people of our society. Apart from the painted T-shirts, more clothes were collected in a drive in the college premises spanning over 4 days, August 22-25, 2023. The response was fairly good with the organizing team collecting 150+ clothes.

On the eventful day, the clothes were donated to "Goonj Foundation". Goonj Foundation is a reputed NGO known for its contribution to the underprivileged. This event transformed into a field visit in which MVM members learnt the working model of the organisation and students were impressed by the work done by the NGO. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to Goonj by team MVM.


September 13, 2023         Attendees: 28

Marathi Vangdmay Mandal organized its annual signature event "Shravan Utsav". The objective of this program was to explore the culinary art diversity of Maharashtra.

The week precceeding the date, orders were placed by all the teachers for Puranpoli, Alu wadi, Kothimbir wadi, Naralwadi, Shegaon Kachori, and the Ganesh fest popular Modak. The special feature of this event was that these dishes were homemade by the families of the past and present Team MVM. All the orders were provided to the teachers on the day of event. The food items were relished by the degree and junior college teachers. Huge response from teachers was overwhelming for MVM. Subsequently, Team MVM organized a potluck for all members. Famous dishes from different parts of Maharashtra and Konkan speciality Kokum Sarbat were brought by the students and they enjoyed the variety of tastes.

Apart from that, an "ICE BREAKER SESSION" was held for the new members. The entrants introduced themselves and were guided with the purpose of the club and various past and upcoming activities. Fun games for the members followed.

The Shravan Utsav 2023 was a memorable day.


October 31, 2023         Attendees: 14

The Marathi Vangdmay Mandal organized an interesting literary activity called "Abhivachan - Ek Amrutanubhav". Abhivachan means book reading and reviewing and is a combination of two words, 'Abhi' meaning Abhinay or Acting, and 'vachan' meaning Reading. During the program, members read and presented stories and poems written by renowned Marathi writers such as V. P. Kale, Indira Sant, Padma Gole, Bahinabai, Sudha Murthy, and D.M. Mirajdar.

Everyone who attended learned something new in Abhivachan. The program involved reading through acting, conveying emotions strongly, and listening to a particular story patiently. The moral lessons in the stories were very valuable, and everyone noticed the essence of the written pieces. The use of grammar, poetic language, and sweet conversations made for a great atmosphere to enjoy the stories.

This activity was a small effort by the club to promote the richness of the Marathi language and develop a habit of reading.

NAANDI: A Cultural Extravaganza

7th, 8th and 9th January ,2024

Organized by the Marathi Vangdmay Mandal (MVM) of H. R. College of Commerce and Economics the three-day cultural spectacle, Naandi, from January 7th to 9th, 2024. In all 15+ colleges participated in the fest across our city, where throughout three days the count of participants was around 500. Named after the auspicious beginnings it promised, Naandi marked a vibrant start to the academic year for the college. The event showcased a plethora of talent across diverse categories, fostering a celebration of cultural diversity and intellectual brilliance.

Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Divas

29th February, 2024

On the vibrant afternoon of February 27th, 2024, the college premises transformed into a tapestry of Marathi culture as the Marathi Vangdmay Mandal (MVM) orchestrated a jubilant celebration in honour of Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Divas along with the help of National Service Scheme unit (NSS). Under the guiding batons of Dr. Priyamvada Sawant ma'am and Bharti Kanpile maam, alongside the spirited orchestration of enthusiastic FYJC and FY Degree students, the event pulsated with the heartbeat of Marathi heritage.

The theme of "Sangeet Natak" infused the atmosphere with melodious rhythms and dramatic flair, as students took center stage to weave tales of Marathi brilliance. A graceful dance by the FYJC students, akin to the rhythmic cadence of Marathi music, was a mesmerizing prelude to a theatrical spectacle that brought to life the essence of Marathi drama.

As the curtain fell on this symphony of culture, it left behind a resonating harmony, inspiring future crescendos in the celebration of Marathi language and culture.


December 17 - 19, 2023         Attendees: 100

Happy to share that the Investment Club Of H.R. College (ICHR) secured 1st Podium at KC College’s JOULE 10.0. Investment Club Of HR College has participated in Joule which was introduced K.C. College. Joule- K.C. College's Largest Inter & Intra Collegiate. Joule is an immersive experience, a pure amalgamation of competitions, events, workshops, and activities that encompasses all focus areas imaginable within the numerous domains of corporate culture. There were 19 events in total.


JANUARY 19 - 24, 2024

The 13th Edition of Blaze was Lit, Legendary and a Legacy. It was a 4-day fest dated on the with a plethora of events in genres ranging from Finance, Marketing, Management, Cultural and Sports. An inter as well as intra collegiate fest, we had an average footfall of over 1000 students from colleges and clubs all over Mumbai. Blaze provided an excellent learning opportunity and a magnificent educational experience for students through fun events wherein they got to explore themselves and discover their true potentials.

Marathi Vangdmay Mandal



September 16, 2022         Attendees: 10

The core of Marathi Vangmay Mandal had a group discussion session called Mayboli, which involved discussion on the various versions of spoken Marathi, its relevance and importance. This interactive discussion was followed with few games like guess the Marathi phrase from the emojis and Marathi dumbcharades.



January 22-24, 2023

The flagship event of MVM successfully completed its 7th year with participation from more than 30 colleges. The theme this year was ‘Heads or Tails - Two sides of a coin’. The pre- event was a street play act covered by Maharashtra Times newspaper.

The CL meet was held at HSNC campus at Worli where 20+ colleges participated. All the events were broadly classified into fine arts, literary arts, performing arts and informals. The event had eminent judges from the Marathi industry.



September 23-24, 2022

MVM of H.R. College participated in Hruturang the flagship event of R.A. Podar College and secured 5 podium finishes out of 8 events.


February 26, 2023

The MVM Club of H.R. College participated in KC College’s My Marathi event and won the Second Podium overall.

Marathi Vangdmay Mandal

ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


Every year the club starts its academic journey with the blessings of our Guru by celebrating Guru Pournima and thanking them on behalf of the students of the college, for their constant support and guidance by praying for their long life and health. This year we created a short video expressing gratitude toward teachers.


We contributed to the Chiplun Flood Relief which took place in July 2021. Everyone showed their support by donating the essentials required after the flood. For example, Bottles, stationery, sugar, salt, sanitary products, household requirements, etc. It was safely delivered to the needy ones with the help of the College.

February 27, 2022

The Marathi Vangmay Mandal of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics celebrated Marathi Bhasha Divas as a tribute to Shanta Shelke on her 100th Birth Anniversary. Shanta Shelke was an author, poet, translator, and journalist. This program was conducted in hybrid mode. The program was conducted offline following all the Covid restrictions. The Principal of H.R. College, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani was present for the program online while the Junior College in charge of the club, Bharti Kanpile was present for the program offline. The alumni of the club also attended the event.

Intercollegiate Organised 2021-2022

September 5, 2021

This year is the 101st Birth Anniversary of ‘Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe’, an inter-collegiate elocution competition was organised to honour his contribution to literature, in the last week of August 2021. Topics of the competition were a combination of 'Subjects related to Annabhau Sathe and Current Affairs of that period.'

January 6 to 9, 2022

Naandi was held over four days and the entire festival was conducted virtually due to the conditions posed by the pandemic. The theme this year was ‘Jag Viral Zala', it revolved around the new normal posed by the prevailing conditions.


1st Prize - Ruia College
2nd Prize - St. Xavier’s College
3rd Prize - K.C. College

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ACTIVITIES 2020-2021

The Marathi Vangdmay Mandal (MVM) had an immensely interesting, exciting and a bit challenging academic year 2020-2021. All the activities for the year were held virtually due to the surge of Covid-19 Virus and the subsequent lock down. Nevertheless the club ensured the successful conduct of all activities held annually over the past few years

Guru Purnima

Every year the club starts its academic journey with the blessings of our teachers, our guru’s by celebrating guru purnima and thanking them on behalf of the students of the college, for their constant support and guidance by praying for their long life and health. This year we created a short video expressing gratitude towards teachers.

Rin Gayin Avdi
August 2020

On the occasion of 100th Death Anniversary of ‘The Father of the Indian Unrest – Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’, an intra-club Essay Writing competition to honour his contribution to Marathi literature and Journalism was organised by the club.

The inter collegiate creative Poster Making competition was judged by the Teacher In-charges Dr. Priyamvada Sawant and Ms. Bharti Kanpile. Results of the same were announced on the occasion of Independence Day, which is on 15th August 2020.

Navaratri’s Navadurga

The post-monsoon autumn festival called ‘Sharada Navaratri’ is one of the most celebrated festivals across the Indian subcontinent. This festival celebrates nine different forms of Goddess Shakti popularly known as NAVDURGA.

On this auspicious occasion of Navaratri we reflected on the contributions of nine Indian Women who are role models for innumerable women worldwide and who are truly Durga of the modern times. We researched and posted information about their exemplary work in their respective fields along with their photographs. The 9 women are Ahilyabai Holkar, Sindhutai Sapkal, Savitribai Phule, Anandibai Joshi, Ramabai Ranade, Bhanu Athaiyya, Nirmala Kandalgaonkar, Pandita Ramabai and Jayanti Kathale

Marathi Bhasha Divas

Marathi Bhasha Divas is celebrated on 27th February as a tribute to great Marathi Poet V.V. Shirwadkar. Mr. Milind Joshi, Author, Poet, Classical singer, The Chief Guest for the ceremony honoured the event by his motivational speech and presence. The day was celebrated by performances of members of Marathi Language’s Literature Notions.

January 6-9, 2021

The flagship event of MVM; Naandi, successfully completed its fifth year and the inaugural ceremony for the same was held on January 6, 2021.

For the first time, Naandi was held for four days and the entire festival was conducted virtually due to the conditions posed by the pandemic. Prior to the main events we organised a CL meet on December 25, 2020. The CLs were briefed about all the events and a PR activity was conducted. 35+ colleges were present for the CL meet.

The theme this year was ‘Jag Viral Zala' …it revolved around the new normal posed by the prevailing conditions. There were altogether 18 events including the pre-event. On Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, All the events broadly classified into 3 categories of ‘Fine Arts’ ‘Literary Arts’ and ‘Performing Arts’ were organised.

Day 4, witnessed the final round of the face of Naandi and the most awaited prize distribution. Throughout the four days talks with renowned personalities in Film and Music Industry like Madhura Joshi, Sharayu Date, Mrunal Divekar, Savani Vaze and Pranav Raorane through Instagram Live were conducted.

The event concluded with 50+ colleges participating with full enthusiasm and energy, also some new events were introduced in Naandi such as Ad film making, Ghazal, Mask Painting, Hand Lettering and Mandala Art.

The winners of the fest this year were:
1st Prize Ruia College
2nd Prize St. Xavier’s College
3rd Prize K.C. College


February 18, 19 & 20, 2021

Team MVM represented H.R. College in Aarohan, an intercollegiate fest hosted by RUIA College. The team won prizes in many events of literary arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts and won the 1st Place overall trophy. The members won various individual events and group events. Kaushal Sakhardande also bagged the award for being the Best CL.

March 5, 6 & 7, 2021

Aamod is an Intercollegiate Festival Organized by MVM of St. Xavier's College, CSMT. Marathi Vandgmay Mandal participated in the festival and won few events.

March 20-21, 2021

My Marathi is an Intercollegiate Cultural Fest hosted by K.C. College, Churchgate. MVM of H.R. College secured 1st Runners Up Place.

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ACTVITIES 2019-2020

Guru Pournima

Celebrated every year in the month July to express gratitude and offer respect to the teachers for their continuous support and seek their blessings, thus inculcating values of gratitude and commitment.

Shravan Utsav

Celebrated every year in the month of Shravan, corresponding to the month of July/ August with a display of authentic Maharashtrian cuisine in the college canteen to create awareness of a variety of Maharashtrian cuisine.


A three day inter-collegiate event organized for the past three years (since January, 2017) to provide a platform for innate abilities and talent of the students in the field of literary, creative and performing arts. Participation of students from various city colleges in multiple events has best performances and increased interaction with improved camaraderie amongst students of the club.

Marathi Bhasha Divas

Celebrated on 28th February every year on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the prominent writer and poet in Marathi, Vi. Vā. Shirwadkar alias ‘Kusmagraj’.

Vachan Katta

Encourage reading habits in students through group reading and create awareness about Marathi literary works resulting in improved reading abilities and knowledge of the language.


An in-house Marathi bulletin of the club encourages students to write and publish articles for better expression and improved language skills.

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