Intercollegiate Events

Intercollegiate events are a high point for our institution. There are numerous networking and competitive events that are organized by several student’s associations and clubs of the college. Departments also periodically hold intercollegiate programmes for teachers and as well as students. Intercollegiate events are very important in building multiple skills and play an integral role in the collegiate experience. It not only provides entertainment and knowledge but also helps students develop organizing skills that include but are not limited to communication, marketing, public relations, networking, leadership, mentoring, conflict management and community building. HR College organizes these events to ensure that a variety of student interests are met. We believe any type of extracurricular activity in college that involves an intercollegiate aspect also helps our students to engage with their peers from diverse backgrounds and develop empathy. Moreover, working outside of the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows for students to gain more self-confidence, autonomy, and appreciation for others' differences and similarities.

Our students also enthusiastically participate in intercollegiate events organized by other colleges both in the state as well as outside of Maharashtra. This gives them great exposure to other institutions and makes them competitive. Participating in intercollegiate events outside the college provides them with an opportunity to build networks and new friendships. Overall benefits of intercollegiate participation and organization are many. Extracurricular activities provide a place for students to come together, discuss pertinent ideas and issues, and accomplish common goals. Within this community, where students feel comfortable with one another, learning and development are enhanced and student retention is positively impacted.

HR college puts a lot of emphasis on all-round development of our students. That is why we continuously encourage and energize our students to play sports and participate in sporting events at the intercollegiate, university, state, national and international levels. Sports is an important element in our holistic approach to education. Playing sports not only builds character but also secures a student’s physical, social, and emotional health. Our students consistently perform exceedingly well in events they take part in, winning accolades for themselves and strengthening the reputation of the institution and spreading it far and wide.