General Event Management Society (GEMS)

The club promotes holistic development of students and to inculcate managerial skills among them. The club plays a key role in the individual growth of each student.

Events conducted by the club:


Chase is an annual treasure hunt event organised by the General Event Management Society, where the main goal is to build teamwork and the spirit of bonhomie among the participants and the organising committee.


Bazaar is an entrepreneurial event organised by the General Event Management Society where budding entrepreneurs compete with one another. The Business management exercise creates retail skills among commerce students and it creates holistic development with a social dimension.

Christmas Party

G.E.M.S. has been organizing the Christmas Party for the Foster Group Children since many years. The under privileged children are invited for a Christmas party every year. Santa Claus distributes gifts to them and after the cake is cut and snacks are eaten the kids participate in games and dance to some bollywood music and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Annual Prize Distribution Day

The Annual Prize Distribution of H.R. College was organised by the General Event Management Society. It was an inspiring and encouraging experience for all the awardees and an incentive to work harder towards playing a role in inter as well as intra-collegiate, academic, cultural as well as sports activities of the college.

Extension activities in the neighbourhood - Ahaan

Ahaan - The ray of hope is an initiative where the club tries to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society by raising funds and channelizes them for the betterment of such people.

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