French Club

The French Club aims to promote cultural awareness and celebrate the beauty of diversity through various events highlighting French and Indian culture. It welcomes students from all backgrounds, regardless of whether they study French as a subject. With enthusiasm and team spirit, the club celebrates festivals, spreading joy among peers and teachers alike. Every event is designed to foster a spirit of learning, fun, and camaraderie.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024


September 15, 2023         Attendees: 50

The French club organised the ‘Amazing Race’, an adventurous scavenger hunt wherein the enthusiastic participants solved clues and completed tasks. The event was organized in Churchgate and started at 11:00 AM. It was a hit with 50 participants in teams of 2 having a thrilling time. All the students were felicitated at the Oval Maidan.

Following were the winners:

First Prize: Aashna Gala and Raj Chhughani, SYJC

Second Prize: Dhruv Shetty and Ved Sawant, FYJC

Third Prize: Prithvi Khilnani and Anish Sidhani, FYJC

Medals and certificates were awarded to all the winners by the French Club teacher in-charge, Mrs. Milita Ganguli.

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ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


July 15, 2022         Volunteers: 17

The French Club of H.R. College organized an event on ‘Bastille Day’ celebrated with great enthusiasm and a variety of activities such as singing of the French anthem, easy-going dance, tasting French cuisine. The celebrations also included the honoring of those who were killed in the storming of the Bastille. The students were introduced to the French culture and French songs.


September 16, 2022         Volunteers: 17

The French Club of H.R. College organized an event ‘Amazing race’. The Amazing Race is a fun filled treasure hunt, in which students participate to make it a grand success. There are series of tasks to be completed by students in pairs, which is spread all over south Mumbai.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


July 4, 2021

The members of the French Club Tanish Shivdasani and Aakshi Kale participated and won first prize in the intercollegiate French Fashion, the show organised by M.M.K College.


The French Club organized Ice Breaker Session to ensure that the team members are acquainted with each other. Various games were organised by the core team to bring the team members together and kindle group cohesiveness among them.


March 10, 2022

French Fiesta was organised with the main aim to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents. Various competitions were organised at French Fiesta.

The first event of the program was Feel the Music - A Singing Event. Seven students participated in the competition. They had a melodious voice and were well appreciated by the judges.

1st Prize: Nandinie Patwardhan;
2nd Prize: Bianca Batliwala

The next event was Feel the Beat - The Dance Event. Seven students participated in this event. They danced gracefully and performed beautifully.

1st Prize: Nikita Menghani;
2nd Prize: Aara Meherally

The third event in the French Fiesta was The Sound of Music - An Instrumental Music Event. Two students Divisha Palrecha and Mustafa Dhorajiwala astonished everyone with their musical skills and won the prizes for their tremendous performances.

The main event of the day was Mr. and Ms. Fiesta - The Personality Event.

Catagory Winner Name
Best Smile Chesta Mehta
Best Physique Dea Rohra
Ms. Style Icon Aara Meherally
Ms. Confident Nikita Meghani
Best Ramp Walk Anushka Joshi & Diya Lilani
Ms. Filmy Award Devanshi Shah
Miss. Beautiful Hair Bhoomika Bajaj
Mr. Smart Look Pratham Jain
Mr. Confident Amaan Kazi
Mr. Fiesta Tanish Shivdasani
Ms. Fiesta Nellis Pereira

The club celebrated French Day by organising different events like singing French National Anthem, Dancing, Singing, and a French Quiz. Students zealously participated in this event. All appreciated the event.

The Club also initiated a social campaign ‘Guiding Lights–Spreading Smiles’ where the club members would take up some social responsibility to help the marginalized and bring a smile to their faces. Various programs were planned for the weekends for marginalized children.

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ACTIVITIES 2020-2021

French National Day

July 14, 2019

The French National Day celebration commenced with club members presenting melodious songs and energetic dances by students. A PowerPoint presentation on French culture and pictures and videos of various popular places of France was shown. “La Marseillaise” the French National Anthem was sung by the students. The Quiz competition was fun. Everyone including audience, teachers and participants enjoyed the memorable event.

Amazing Race

August 27, 2019

The Amazing Race was a fun-filled treasure hunt, in which students participated to make it a grand success. There were a series of tasks to be completed by students in pairs: Balloon burst, Piggy back ride, to name a few, spread all over South Mumbai. The first three winning pairs to reach the destination after fulfilling all the tasks were awarded certificates by Vice Principal Ms. Laju Sharma.

French Fiesta

January 16, 2020

The French Fiesta had vocal performances by the French Club students and the canteen became a ramp when the aspiring models walked the red carpet, to win the title of Mr. Fiesta and Miss Fiesta. The togetherness and fun was celebrated when students performed the astounding Bollywood dance fusion.

The new committee members were assigned their posts. Followed by a speech given by the outgoing president.

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