The Economics Club aims at inculcating knowledge of finance, business & economics among the students. Economics Club of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics aims at making economics more interesting and entertaining for the students so that they not only learn but they also develop themselves into amazing individuals!

Our main aim is to inculcate the knowledge of economics in the students while making them organize events where they learn about their responsibilities towards the club as well as the college. The motto of ECHR is ‘Making the students New Gen Economists’

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024


September 5, 2023         Teachers: 28

Teachers' Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the invaluable role that educators play in shaping the minds of the future generations. It is a day when we express our gratitude and admiration for the tireless efforts of teachers.

The Red colour wear theme made it a sea of red on the eventful day. Games were organized for the teachers by the club.

Game 1 was Dialogue Diversions in which the participants were challenged to deliver dialogues with different tones, such as presenting a funny dialogue in an angry tone or a serious dialogue in a playful tone. It was a fun and creative way to explore the various nuances of communication. Ripples of laughter filled the hall.

Game 2 was Melody Match, an engaging and entertaining game that put the musical knowledge and lyric-recognition skills of the teachers to test. In this exciting game, participants listened to snippets of popular songs from various genres and eras, but the lyrics were intentionally left incomplete for the players to quickly and accurately fill in the missing words and complete the song's lyrics. What ensued made each have a hearty laugh.

The Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani added life to the event with her inspiring words for the teachers. The efforts of the core and the organizing committee and the teacher in-charge, Mrs. Anuradha Iyer were appreciated by all. The games were thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers. It made their day special and memorable. A delicious dal pakwan party followed.

Jeopardy Event

November 9, 2023         Participants: 36
PLATFORM - HR College Of Commerce and Economics

The Economics Club recently hosted an unforgettable event that spread excitement, laughter and joy around. There was a spirit of competition, enthusiasm in both participants as well as the audience. This event organised by the brilliant minds of The Economics Club filled the atmosphere with fun.

Game On: Jeopardy

The participants were divided into 9 teams. The teams were engaged in getting their answers correct. There was a fierce but friendly battle among them. This game showcased the participant's knowledge, intelligence and quick thinking. From questions whose answers were known to questions that made them scratch their heads, they left the room with an electrifying energy. The participants had to perform dares if they answered the questions wrong.

Dare To Dream: Teachers In Spotlight

The beloved Teachers too joined in for this event. The president of The Economics Club greeted the teacher in charge, Ms Anuradha Iyer with a flower bouquet. The fun didn’t stop there, the Teachers too stepped in and accepted the dares.


ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


August 5, 2022         Participants: 20

The Economics Club aims at inculcating knowledge of finance, business, and economics among the student and makes them aware of the new developments and pressing issues of world economy. The club organised a fun event called Game Palacio. The game had two rounds and was played both in teams and as solo events. In Round 1 participants played the Ecotionery and Round 2 saw a battle of patterns. The event concluded with felicitation of winners and a formal vote of thanks.


February 4, 2023         Participants: 24

The Grand Economics Quiz Competition, the last event of the year, was organized by the FYJC members under the leadership of Naysa Bhatia, President, and Leesha Talreja, Vice President under the thorough guidance of the teacher-in-charge Mrs. Anuradha Iyer.

Mrs. Bhavana Shah infused energy and enthusiasm in the participants and declared The Grand Eco Quiz open. The quiz was a mix of easy and brain-tickling questions. The quiz was played in teams till the 4th round followed by individual questions bowled to the participants in the 5th and final round. This was a deciding factor for declaring 1st and the 2nd prize winners to bag the trophy.

The Winners of the Grand Economics Quiz 2023:
First Position: Gasif Hussain Khan
Second Position: Hritik Jain

Zest and sportsmanship spirit were witnessed in all the participants. The winners were felicitated with trophies and certificates. The participants were given certificates of participation, an enthusing gesture. The vote of thanks was delivered by president of the club, appreciating the participants, the efforts of the committee members, and the motivation and guidance of the teachers.


ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


October 15, 2021         Participants: 15

ECHR's Fresher's Fun Friday is a welcoming gesture for FYJC'S through an event. The aim was to get to know each other in a fun and playful manner. Activities conducted were GK quiz on Quizziz, Pictionary, Guess the movie/songs, Dumb Charades, and Orientation about the club, its core, and proceedings.

The participants as well as the organising committee had a fun evening knowing each other.


November 20 & 21, 2021         Participants: 50         Finalist: 6

Boss Up Loss was an online event where participants have to analyze the given loss-making company and suggests some solutions for their plight. The judges were Ms. Kritti Sharma & Ms. Shilpa Deshpande.

The elimination round was in a form of a Quiz where 50 students participated, from that we had 6 students qualify for the final round. In the Finals, each Finalist was given a loss-making company and certain points, based on which they had to make a presentation. In the context of their presentation, participants and judges questioned them, which in turn were answered very well.

Each participant presented an amazing case study. There was a lot to take from these participants.

Winners: 1st position Sejal Vigirya; 2nd Position Noyonicaa Dutta; 3rd Position Bharat Chandani.


December 9, 2021         Participants: Eliminations – 22 Finals – 6

Agree 2 Disagree was an interesting debating event with two rounds, which enabled the participants to raise their words and put forward their perspectives.

Round 1 was an Ultimate debating round. Round 2 was for participants who qualified in the elimination round. It was divided into two sub rounds Impromptu and Switch.

Winners: 1st Rishit Manshani, 2nd Joshua Cardozo & 3rd Pooja Sarda.

The judges were Mrs. Anuradha Iyer, Mrs. Kritti Sharma & Mr. Raj Chotrani.


January 7, 2022         Participants – 20 Eliminations - 16

The Grand Eco Quiz was an event where participants played in teams of two and they were asked economics-related questions in an orderly manner, like terms, theory, personalities, and logos in form of MCQ, pictures, audio, and one word.


1st (team 7) - Heet Parekh and Satish Sanjay Roy
2nd (team 3) - Aman Bhatter and Ronit Ailani
3rd (team 10) - Joshua Cardozo


February 26, 2022         Participants: 20

The Budget Mania '22 was a two-round event in which the participants individually played. They were asked questions related to the budget for 2022.

Round 1 challenged them with 15 seconds to answer each question. The first 3 participants to correctly answer were awarded 5 points each. Only 10 participants managed to score here.

Round 2 turned them into finance planners, being asked to make a budget with a fictitious 100 crores based on certain situations based on the current prevailing economic conditions in India. The participants presented their budgets via PPTs followed by a question-answer session by the Judges. They were judged on the parameters of research, creativity, the viability of the solutions, presentation, oration, and thoughtful and intelligent answers.

The winners were

1st: Mohammed Yusuf Khan
2nd: Utkarshsingh Sahil
3rd: Dhiren Gogia



EVENT 1- Visit to Aashadaan Aashram:

The Economics Club Of HR College kicked off their year with a social visit to the Aashadaan Aashram. This was a purposive visit, wherein the HR College, as a whole, made an attempt to do their bit and thus contribute for the wellbeing and betterment of aashram and the destitute residing there. We created a jovial atmosphere by donating the necessities of life, singing as well as playing with the children. Interacting with the everyone enriched our knowledge and gave us an insight look of their experiences.

EVENT 2- Kaun Banega Economist:

Kaun Banega Economist was an event organized by ECHR in order to test the level of awareness amongst the students, regarding pervasive Economic conditions and also provide them with an opportunity to enrich their knowledge regarding the same! The path to winning this event required one to go through the elimination and various other rounds. There were surprise twists bought in the event which served as an obstacle to be surmounted by the participants in order to claim themselves as the Economist Of The College.

Winner: Mangesh Gadewar and Preksha Kataria

Runners Up: Parth Shah and Sanjeev Jain.

EVENT 3- The Budget Mania:

The Flagship Event of ECHR "The Budget Mania" has, indeed, gone down in the history of the club as it was for the first time when the club ventured into a kind of event which required the students to get into the shoes of the Finance Minister and thus prepare a budget for the nation. Not only that, later on, they were given certain prevailing economic scenarios which required them to make favourable changes in their budget. Finally, they were asked to present their budget and address the questions asked by the judges as well as other participants. This resulted into a heated and productive debate amongst the teams.

The event was filled with yielding discussions and dynamism.

Winners: Mangesh Gadewar and Akil Shah

Runners Up: Parth Shah and Rashi Chheda.