Commerce Club

The Commerce Club aims to develop business acumen among the students who are the budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow by organizing field trips and guest lectures by the experts in the field of business.

The Club also organises Business Quiz and Debate on current topics in the field of trade, commerce & International Marketing, thereby, encouraging students to participate in inter-collegiate business quiz competitions.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024


August 4, 2023         Attendees: 32

“The Comm-Trail”, which was a mixed event of a Treasure Hunt and a Quiz was organized. The participants’ knowledge is put to test blending fun activities and travelling. The event was flagged off by Dr. Pooja Ramchandani. Ms. Bharti Sharma and Mrs. Milita Ganguli motivated the participants.

A 2-member 16 teams had to solve various clues in the shortest time. Clue questions for the Treasure Hunt were related to commerce. If unable to answer, participants were given exciting dares to perform. Mrs. Milita felicitated the winners as well as other participants. The Club President gave a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who made the event a success. Overall, it was an enthusiastic and fun-filled event. Post-event, refreshments were served to the participants.

Winners: Sahil Hinduja and Aksh Jain


November 2, 2023         Attendees: 150

The Commerce Club organized "The Halloween Party 2023" – a spooky evening. Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani graced the event, as always, spreading a wave of joy amongst the students. The teacher in charge, Ms Bharti Sharma accompanied the principal. After a briefing of the rules and regulations, the games started. 4 games, namely 7UP 7DOWN, ping pong challenge, cup flip and X0 game, and the Grand Auction. The DJ's electrifying beats soon after set the dance floor on fire, making it the pulsating heart of the event.

The best-dressed male Mayur Chandwani and the best-dressed female Simran Talreja and the highest bidder were awarded trophies. The Club President gave a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who made the event a success. The event continued till the evening and was enjoyed by all.

Brand Plus

January 23, 2024         Participants: 13

The Commerce Club of HR College organised its flagship event,BRAND PLUS, an innovation catalyst,often dubbed as HR KA SHARK TANK. There were 13 participants who presented their business ideas through Power Point Presentations and live demonstrations. After each participant’s presentation,they were asked questions by the Sharks. They were assessed on three categories,creativity,presentation and the question and answer round. The event was judged by our beloved Sharks,Ms Lajwanti Sharma(external judge) and Ms Anupama Sawant(internal faculty). Our teacher – in - charge,Ms Bharti Sharma kept all of us motivated throughout the program. It was a brilliant opportunity for the participants to showcase their business ideas,be recognized and nurture it into successful startups. There were 3 winners awarded with trophies and certificates. They were Ayush Pandey,Krishna Ramkhyani and Teerth Jain. It was truly an insightful and memorable event.

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July 11, 2022         Attendees: 32

Guest of Honor: Mr. Ramesh Ramtri: He is a successful entrepreneur and an industrialist. He was one of the judges for the event.

About the Event: The team-based event focused on enhancing the entrepreneurship qualities among the participants. It challenged them to build their business empire through marketing strategies and logical reasoning.

Round 1: The Lunatic B: The teams were given a case study based on a chosen industry. Teams used logical reasoning and knowledge of the particular industry to solve problems or face challenges posed. The winning team was chosen based on an increase in their stock price.

Round 2: Get Set Sell: The teams were asked to sell one product from the list: hair straightener, smart watch, and perfume in non-urban areas and come up with marketing strategies for the same.

Round 3: Take De- Bait: The final two teams had to debate over the topic: STOCK MARKET V/S MUTUAL FUNDS. After an extraordinary debating session ‘TESLA’ was adjudged as the winning team of ‘THE GLOBAL BIZZ’.

The Principal and Vice Principal congratulated and appreciated Mrs. Bharti Sharma, the teacher in-charge of the Commerce Club for organizing this interesting and challenging concept. The event concluded with a formal vote of thanks.


December 23,2022         Participants: 18

Commerce club of H.R. College organised the flagship event ‘Brand Plus’ which is also known as HR ka Shark Tank. The event was conducted to motivate the students, our future entrepreneurs to build their brand by sharing their business proposal with courage and enthusiasm. The event had around 18 pitches and an audience of about 130 people. Personalities like Mr. Sudhir Bajpai, Mr. Ravi Jhaveri and Mr. Hardik Jain as judges rewarded the winner of Brand Plus 2022.



November 17, 2022         Attendees: 200

Mrs. Laxmi Pillai, Faculty - Commerce Department, organized an educational visit to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The visit was organized under the aegis of the Commerce Club. The purpose of this visit was to introduce students to the BSE.

Mr. Rakesh Nair, Faculty from BSE Institute conducted a session for an hour and a half, wherein he gave a brief insight into the history of BSE and its functioning. He explained various concepts related to investment, shares, stock exchange, etc. Information about various courses conducted by the BSE institute was provided.

The session ended with a Q&A and a formal vote of thanks. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the session and post the visit many students expressed interest in investing in shares and learning more about investments.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

FINCON - A Financial Conference

August 12 & 13, 2021

The Commerce Club organized FINCON - A Financial Conference to empower us to take the Right Financial Decisions to save money and render ease of liquidity.

The eliminations for FINCON took place on August 12 through online Google forms. Ten questions on how participants manage their finances were asked. 7 out of 30 participants qualified for the final round which was held on August 13, 2021. Each finalist had to speak for 1½ minutes on the topic and answer the judges' questions. Teenagers had a great learning experience as they get to know from their peers how to think holistically and create one's financial plans even while in their teens.

The event had two judges who enlightened the participants. The founder of NRP Capitals and author of the book Financial Spirituality, CA Mr. Rishabh Parakh, gave us 3P’s to manage money namely Plan, Protect and Play. CA Ms. Mahek Sancheti from EY Associates shared her personal experience of financial freedom.

The winners were:

1st place - Jay Haria
2nd place - Akshat Raheja and Mahek Solanki
3rd place - Dhatri Pandey


October 27, 2021

The Commerce Club, under the aegis of NSDL, arranged for the FYJC students to attend a webinar from 11 am to 1 pm, on 'Introduction to Securities Market'. 114 students attended the session given its importance and interest. Mr. Marlon Corriea of NSDL and Ms. Pallavi Ghodekar of NSE conducted the webinar.

Mr. Marlon Corriea started the session by introducing various terms related to the securities market. He then went on to explain the meaning of the Securities Market and the need and benefits of investing in stocks. He detailed the role of Depositories and NSDL and their functioning.

Ms. Pallavi Ghodekar started by explaining how the Stock Exchange functions. She then spoke about the various intermediaries in the Stock Exchange.

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ACTIVITIES 2020-2021

Your transformation from Learners to Leaders begins here in Commerce Club as learning to be on top never stops. The Club aims to develop business acumen amongst the budding Kiran Mazumdar Shaws and Bill Gates of H.R. College. To complement and supplement the classroom teaching the club undertakes industrial visits and field trips such as annual visit to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

To hone the intellectual abilities among the students the Club organized COMQUIZ –a business quiz which covers wide ranging areas in the field of trade, commerce & industry from national to international market. The Club also participates in inter-collegiate business quizzes and wins.

Mr. & Miss Fresher was organised for the FYJC freshers with a twist which covered mock interviews, ramp walk, Bollywood dialogues and simulated auction for participants to set up a film cast with artificial currency and Brand Housie

The Club will organize its flagship event BrandPlus- a marketing platform. So all aspiring entrepreneurs this event will see the future startups among HRites.

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