Code of Conduct for Non-teaching Staff

The code of conduct for non teaching staff is based on UGC’s MulyaPravah Guidelines

Administrative/ Support staff would

  • carry out official decisions and policies faithfully and impartially, seeking to attain the highest possible standards of performances.
  • encourage the staff to maximise their efficiency.
  • create conditions that inspire teamwork.
  • act timely to readdress the genuine grievances.
  • maintain the confidentiality of the records and other sensitive matters.
  • co-operate and liaison with colleagues, as appropriate, to ensure students receive a coherent and comprehensive educational service.
  • care for the institute’s property.
  • facilitating congenial environment.
  • refrain from any form of discrimination.
  • not accept bribes or indulge in any corrupt practices.
  • make every effort to complete the assigned work in a time-bound manner.

Staff Union The staff union would

  • support the administration for developmental activities.
  • raise the issues in a dignified manner.