CASCADE CLUB is a club formed with the objective of fostering compassion among the students. It also aims at holistic development of students by conducting activities based on personality development.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024

HR week

October 16, 17, 18 7 25, 2023         Attendees: 47

Cascade Club of HR College of Commerce and Economics organized an event titled “HR Week.” This event spanned four distinct days, each with its unique theme. The first day of the event, known as “Traditional Day,” took place on the 16th of October 2023. The second day was designated as “Pinterest Inspired Day” and was held on the 17th of October 2023. The third day was celebrated as “Bollywood Day” on the 18th of October 2023, and the final day of the event, the fourth day, was designated as “Open Mic Day” and took place on the 25th of October 2023.

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ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


August 7, 2022         Volunteers: 30

On Friendship Day, the Cascade Club of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics collaborated with the Change is Us organisation to befriend the environment! Keeping the club motto “Conquer with Compassion” in mind, the Cascade club hosted a beach clean-up drive at Girgaum-Chowpatty Beach.

The volunteers showed up and were briefed by the leader of the Change Is Us team and the Cascade Club President concerning protocol and safety measures. In total, 36 baskets; a total of 600kg of waste had been collected and disposed.


August 22, 2022         Attendees: 89         Volunteers: 25

The Cascade Club of H.R. College was formed with the purpose of encouraging the feeling of compassion among the students.

Believing in its motto “Conquer with Compassion” the club motivates its members to work for the betterment of the society and grow up to be responsible citizens. For the event “Talaash - Murder Mystery Hunt” participants were grouped into teams of 5 and were introduced to a murder mystery story to be solved through a video.

Participants were required to complete a task in every round, which would earn them the clues to solve the mystery. Tasks were conducted at 4 different locations by the volunteers and solving the last puzzle lead to the murderer. The winning team was awarded a trophy for solving the murder mystery.


November 14-15, 2022         Participants: 22

The Cascade Club of H.R. College was formed with the purpose of encouraging a feeling of compassion among the students. Personality development is one of the most important aspects of the club. Believing in its motto, “Conquer with Compassion”, the club motivates its members to work for the betterment of society and grow up to be responsible citizens.

Celeste is the flagship event organised by the Cascade Club of the H.R. College of Commerce & Economics. It is a platform for all the budding artists to showcase their talent. This year it was conducted online as well as offline.

On the first day, the Literary Arts event “Search after the Story” was conducted via Google Meet, where the participants were given 3 sentences, they had to incorporate into an original story within half an hour and then deliver it within two minutes. The second event conducted via Google Meet was the Fine Arts event “Art Olympia”, where participants were given the chance to redesign the logo of Cascade Club using their own imaginations within 1.5 hours.

Day 2 was held offline at ‘The Only Talent’ activity and fitness studio where dance event “Shake It Up” and singing event “One Mic Stand” were held. The dance participants were allotted a particular genre to perform. For singing, the participants were free to present a song of their choice. The winners were announced shortly after.

The Fashion Show based event was a reel-making competition named “Teenage Bollywood Dream” where the participants had to submit a reel in which they dressed up as their favourite Bollywood movie character, and the winner was judged on the basis of the most number of likes, shares, and saves.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022


October 17, 2021         Participants: 18

The event had the enthusiastic FYJCs the opportunity to kick-start their year with a fun-filled ice-breaker session. The students were asked to solve questions based on various topics in the form of codes, colour combinations, crosswords, etc.

The clue hunt comprised of two rounds. 9 teams of 2 participants each participated in the 1st round, out of which 5 teams qualified for the 2nd round.


November 17, 2021         Participants: 15

Opening the doors to HR College's Talent house, the Cascade club of H.R. College was thrilled to organize The Open Mic event. The event began with an introduction, followed by a stand-up comedy performance by well-renowned stand-up comedian Sumit Sourav. The response of hundreds of people in the audience (Comprising of students from FYJC and SYJC) was breath taking.

15 students participated in the event out of which 8 participants executed the performances on the day. The students portrayed their talents through songs, poems, musical instruments like Casio and flute, etc.

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ACTIVITIES 2019-2020

The Cascade Club thrived in order to make the fullest from the year 2019-2020.
We started our year with our Social event

1) A visit to Punarvas -Special school:

The event includes purchasing products handmade by differently-abled students and donating all the profits made by selling those products in our college to them .

2) Celebration of Independence day:

The day marked a successful celebration of Independence and huge homage honor expressed towards the people who played their part in the independence of our Country.

3) Project Muskaan :

With the aim of bringing smiles on the faces of children undergoing cancer treatment , Our visit to The Access Life Foundation , Bandra west., the place provides temporary home for parent or caretaker for the children undergoing cancer treatment. Our kids performed dance &choir to lift their emotions on their faces so also kids donated coloring books and did spend some wonderful time with them caring , sharing , dancing , playing with them.

Tata Memorial Hospital & Impact Foundation through Duhita Foundation (Under project Muskaan):
We took the children and parents at Nehru Science Centre . Our students interacted with them , served them wholeheartedly with snacks, coloring books and had a blessed day spending with them &trying to fill some colors of happiness

4) CELESTE -flagship event :

For the first time ever , celeste was held as intra collegiate event . Celeste included variety of events like Price is Right , FIFA, Marvel Quiz , Twinning , Poster Making Competition , scavenger Hunt , Mehendi & Nail Art Competition , Raas Rang (Garba ) & the Fashion Show, proving that Cascade club believes that every individual has a unique talent.