Attendance Committee

The Attendance Committee of H.R. College tracks and maintains attendance records for Junior College students (FYJC and SYJC). They monitor the number of lectures attended by each student on a monthly basis. This helps promote regular attendance and active participation in both academics and extracurricular activities.

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024


September 14, 2023         Attendees: 175

Hindi Diwas Celebration was celebrated by the Attendance Committee to honour and promote Hindi language and literature. It is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of Hindi as one of the official languages of India and the importance of Hindi in our daily lives is highlighted.

Degree college Vice Principal Dr. Navin Panjabi lit the lamps and Lord Ganesha’s blessings were invoked by a classical dance. The importance of Hindi and the impressive achievements of our country were stressed on by Dr. Navin Panjabi in his inspiring speech. The students were mesmerized by the lyrical relay of retro songs and an amazing dance. Recitals of own composed poems by the students enraptured the audience. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Traditional attires donned by the students and teachers made the event colourful and joyous.

The Teacher in-charge, Mrs. Sheela Shahe, the backbone of the event, had guided the organizing team to make it successful.

Navratri Pooja

October 20, 2023         Attendees: 200

The Navratri Puja for this year was organised by the “Attendance Committee” of HR college. It was a very auspicious day. The students and teachers worshipped Goddess Ambe and Goddess Saraswati to bring prosperity, wisdom and knowledge in the life of students, teachers and staff.

The puja started with lighting of the Diyas by the Principal Dr. Pooja Ramchandani followed by the aarti. As soon as the aarti was completed, the students offered sweets as prasad to everyone. The Principal enlightened all the students with her inspiring thoughts. To make the Navratri event more exciting and cherishable, the Attendance Committee organised Garba. The Attendance Committee extended gratitude to the Principal for giving them an opportunity to organise such an auspicious and memorable celebration. The Attendance Committee is also grateful to the Teacher In-charge , Ms. Sheela Shahe ,who was the backbone of the event and guided the entire organising team to make it wonderful.

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ACTIVITIES 2022-2023


July - August 2022         Attendees: 710

The Principal, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani held a meeting with the Parents and students of SYJC on July 23, 2022, July 30, 2022 and August 6, 2022. The principal spoke about academic and extracurricular activities of the college.

She emphasised that students should maintain the minimum attendance as required by the HSC Board. She encouraged the students to take part in various activities and at the same time to focus on their studies too.


September 26, 2022         Attendees: 247

The principal held a meeting with parents and students of SYJC who had poor attendance. The Vice Principal of Junior College, Ms. Laju Sharma warned the students that strict action will be taken against these students if they do not attend lectures regularly from now onwards. The principal also warned the students that they will be given Leaving certificate if they did not improve their attendance.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

The Attendance Committee comprised of Vice-Principal Ms. Laju Sharma, Teacher co-ordinator Mrs. Mansi Bharne and 22 FYJC students.

The committee was responsible for monitoring the SYJC and FYJC students' attendance. The attendance of the students was monitored during the online lectures by way of Google forms in every lecture. The committee maintained a code system while providing the google form attendance links in the lectures. A record of very poor attendance of the students was maintained by the committee.

The committee comprises the teacher-in-charge and 6 students from FYJC and SYJC. It is responsible for the following:

  • Keeping record of attendance of junior college students, thrice in an academic year.
  • Taking out the defaulter's list and black list of students failing to maintain minimum required attendance.
  • Working on the statistics of the students required by the HSC Board at the end of every academic year.

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