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The top ten alumni occupying prominent positions are

Corporate Leaders : H.R. College of Commerce & Economics has produced several corporate leaders who have shaped the future of Corporate India. These leaders constantly interact with the Principal, faculty and students and help the growth of the college by bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Film Stars : The college is proud of its leading stars of the entertainment world who have redefined Bollywood..

Women Power : Of the 25 most powerful women stated in the latest issue of Business Today(October 2007) the college takes pride in stating that five of these women are alumni of the college who have become role models for the students.

Alumni as Faculty : The institution is proud of its Alumni who have joined the college as teaching faculty.

iv) The alumni have played a very active role in the growth and development of the institution. Some prominent alumni form a part of the HR Advisory Council which meets bi-annually to review and plan the progress of the college.

• The proposal to apply for autonomy was initiated and supported by the alumni. The alumni interacted with staff and students to build capacity for an autonomous curriculum and improved teaching learning methodologies. Support was also enlisted for infrastructural and technological development in the college.

• Mr. Piyush Goyal, Director SBI and Mr. Ashok Wadhwa, leading financial wizard led the exercise of revising the curriculum in Accountancy. Thirty-two experts in the field were invited to participate and give their recommendations for the new curriculum.

• Mr. Adi Signaporia of Dorabjee Tata Trust supported the college with many Faculty with Scholarships to attend seminars and workshops in India and abroad.

• Several leading alumni helped the college in conducting corporate seminars for the students.

• Several successful alumni have become visiting faculty in the college and teach subjects as Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Banking and Insurance.

• The Alumni also actively help with the examination supervision, as and when the college is short of supervisors.

• They also offer their services for coordinating various activities of the college e.g. Mrs. Suman Mehrotra volunteers her time during admissions to man the help desk and to answer questions from parents and students. Mrs. Pratibha Jain offers counseling to students who want to study abroad.

v) Sports Council an Organisation which consists of all the best sportspersons.

The college has an alumni association. The alumni of the college have played an active role in institution building, faculty development and in providing student support through endowments and scholarships.

i) The current office bearers of the college alumni association are Dr.(Mrs.) Indu Shahani (Alumni & Chair), Dr. Ruki Mirchandani, Prof. Gehna Hingorani, Mrs. Kavita Shah, Mr. Ashok Wadhwa, Mr. Peshotan Kapadia and Mrs. Suman Mehrotra.

ii) Activities of the alumni in the last two years are listed below -

• Published an Alumni Directory for students listing their names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. This is a best practise of the college and helps the college and students maintain connectivity.

• Invited alumni during Diwali and Christmas to join the staff and the students in the college festivities.

• Funded two International Travel Grants for faculty development. In 2005, eighteen faculty members visited leading Universities in USA for a curriculum development training organized by Carnegie Mellon University. In 2007, twelve faculty members visited universities in UK for training in teaching-learning methodology organized by London School of Economics and University of Westminster.

• Organised International Alumni Meet, second of its kind, in New York, USA November 6, 2005, hosted by Mr. Raj Mirchandani and Mr. Sunil Lulla of USA. The alumni present promised to give 'a dollar a day' to the college. The first International Alumni Meet was organized in Dubai five years ago.

• Organized a series of Alumni Guest Lectures by leading professionals in a wide range of subjects, for example Mr. Adi Signaporia of Tata Sons, from the first batch of the college held a series of talks on leadership for students.

• Issued Alumni Library Cards to ex-students for the use of library facilities. A feedback was taken from the alumni, who requested flexible timings and subscription to latest journals. All the suggestions were implemented to improve the services for the current students and the alumni. 'A 24-hour' reading room facility has been introduced to working students and alumni.

• Granted Scholarships to ex-students for further studies. Prominent among them are Varlaxmi Pillai and Rakesh Pandey, both of whom are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

• Funded laptops for staff by subsidizing partial cost of the laptops.