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1) Students seeking admission to the Junior College Classes and who have passed the public examination of the Statutory Boards, recognised bodies and universities outside Maharashtra State will have to produce the following
documents for admission as well as eligibility purpose :

i) Admission form with one photograph pasted and four pinned on the top of the form.
ii) Address slip with email address
iii) Student’s form

iv) Original marksheet with 2 photocopy

v) Original Passing Certificate

vi) Original Scool Leaving Certrificate /Transfer Certificate

vii) Original Migration Certificate

viii) Transcripts of Syllabus of the subjects passed.

2) The Divisional Secretary shall isssue Eligibility Certificate on receipt of the above documents.


A migration Certifcate from any other statutory Board, reocgnised body or university conducting the examination passed by the candidate shall have to be produced by candidates coming from other states and seeking admission to first year or second year of a Junior College.


Statement showing Eligibility of the Students passing various Examinations outside Maharashtra for admission to Junior College in the State.


Name of Examination

Eligibility for Admission


Public Examination of Statutory Board 10th Standard in the New Pattern of 10+2+3
outside Maharashtra State (If offered and passed in English)




XI Std. Home Examination in the new Pattern of +2 outside Maharashtra on Reciprocal basis.




X class school examination integrated course (agreeing to appear at the 10 year S. S. C. supplementary Examination).




XII Std. Examination of integrated course outside Maharashtra.



Old 10 years S. S. C. Examination in Vidharbha and Marathwada with English.



Old 11 years S. S. C. Examination in Western Maharashtra with English.



All India Higher Secondary Examination 11 years. Central Board, New Delhi, (C.B.S.E.)




I. C. S. E. Examination, New Delhi.



I. S. C. Examination (11 years) New Delhi.



Secondary School Examination, Rajasthan.



Higher Secondary Education, Rajasthan.



Anglo-Indian High School Examination Std. XI, Tamil Nadu, Madras.



Students failed in P.U.C.P.D.F.Y. (Mumbai) examinations or students of any niversity
in Maharashtra.




Government Commercial Diploma.



(Arts & Commerce Stream only)


Academic Year (The Two Terms)


The Academic year is divided into two terms.

1st Term : 8th June 2009 to 24th October 2009

2nd Term : 16th November 2009 to 30th April 2010.

Winter Break : 26th December 2009 to 1st January 2010.

The College will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays declared by the Government and on such days as the Principal may declare from time to time.

Mode of Refund of Fees

  1. If a student informs the institution before the commencement of the academic year that he wants to withdraw and he cannot continue his education in the same institution for any reason, the institution concerned should refund the tuition fees, term fees, laboratory fees (if any) and Library and Laboratory deposits, if any, actually recovered from the student in full. The admission fee may however, be retained by the Institution.

  2. If a student desires to withdraw and applies for refund of fee after the commencement of the academic year, the institution concerned should retain the admission fee, term fee and laboratory fee (if any), in full and also the proportionate amount of the tuition fee till the end of the month in which the refund is claimed. The remaining amount of tuition fee, if any, should only be refunded. The library deposit and laboratory deposit should also be refunded (For example, if a student applies for refund of fees in the month of July after the academic year has started, he will be entitled for refund of proportionate amount of tuition fees only for the subsequent months, i.e. August onwards, if the tuition fee has been recovered on term basis, and the institution will retain the proportionate amount of tuition fee for the month of June and July only. If however, the tuition fee is recovered on monthly basis the student will not be entitled for any refund of tuition fee for and upto the month of July paid by him. In both the cases, the entire amount of admission fee, term fee and laboratory fee if any, may be retained by the institution. The library deposit and laboratory deposit if any, should however, be refunded in full).