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A candidate for being eligible for admission to the First Year Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Insurance) Degree Course -

shall have passed XII Std.  Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent

secured not less then 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of reserved category) at one and the same sitting.

Every candidate admitted to the Degree Course in the Constituent / affiliated college / recognized institution, conducting the course, shall have to register himself/herself with the University.


A student passing the H.S.C. examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and eligible for admission to the First Year B.Com class shall apply to the Registrar of Mumbai University for a certificate of enrolment through the college.

Application forms for enrolment alongwith the statement of H.S.C. marks, copies thereof and necessary fees are to be submitted at the time of filling the admission form in the College.


1) Students seeking admission to this College are required to apply in the original prescribed form only. The student must affix his/her recent photograph on the admission form.

2) Application for admission and application form for enrolment, along with statement of H.S.C. marks and copies thereof and three copies of a recent passport size photograph are to be given for checking and verification to the office staff before payment of fees.

3) Incomplete forms and / or forms without proper documents will not be accepted.


1) An admission granted to a student, in any class in this College, shall be for that particular term only.

2) A student admitted to one class shall not get automatic admission to the next higher class, term after term or year after year. Admission to the higher class in the subsequent year shall be at the total discretion of the Principal.

3) Every student is required to apply for fresh admission year after year and there is nothing like reservation of a seat for the existing student.

4) Students with poor lecture attendance and /or poor performance at the College Examination or caught for misconduct will not be admitted in the Second Term.

5) Admission to this College to any class is subject to the Rules and Regulations contained in this prospectus and that of the University of Mumbai, framed from time to time. The Rules and Regulations of the University take precedence over the Rules, Conditions and Regulations of the College in case of dispute.

a) Admission to the College is granted only for a term and the continuation of admission thereafter is subject to his/her good conduct, academic progress and observance of discipline.

b) Students once admitted are considered as duly enrolled for the whole year unless they inform the Principal in writing about their intention to leave the College. The College shall be entitled to recover the tuition fees for the whole year, if they fail to inform the Principal well in time.

7) Admission of those students who fail to pay their Second Term fees within the prescribed time limit will automatically be cancelled and their names struck off the rolls. He/She however, will have to pay the fees for the Second Term also.

8) When a student cancels his/her admission immediately after admission, the fees paid by him/her shall be refunded according to the rules prescribed by the University from time to time. Please refer to such Rules which are given below separately.


A student from another University or Board of Secondary or Intermediate Education or any other statutory examining body seeking admission to this University shall apply to the Registrar of University of Mumbai for a Certificate of Eligibility.

Such students will be admitted to the deemed class only if they have obtained the Provisional Certificate of Eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai for that class. For final confirmation of Eligibility students should submit the following certificates in original, along with photocopy of :
1. Original Mark Sheet.
2. Original Passing Certificate.
3. Original Migration Certificate.

Students whose admission is provisional should note that if their admission is not finally confirmed by the Registrar, University of Mumbai, their terms kept for the academic year shall be treated as null and void and they will not be allowed to appear at the final examination. Foreign students will have to show documentary evidence of conversion of their visa in addition to the above said conditions for eligibility.


Students seeking transfer from one College to another during the academic year are required to submit a NOC from the parent college and subsequently Transference Certificate and the Marks Certificate showing marks obtained at the First Term Examination conducted by the earlier College.

In the event of a student getting transferred from one College to another within the University of Mumbai, the marks secured by the candidate at the end of the first term examination in the original College, shall be binding on the candidate and on the College to which the candidate is transferred. Further a student migrating from another University to this University for joining the Second Year Course need not be required to appear and pass the First Year Examination of this University if eligibility is granted by the Mumbai University to the class of admission.


As per govt. rules students belonging to Scheduled Castes/Tribes are allowed not to pay tuition fees, on furnishing relevant and prescribed proof that they belong to a Scheduled Caste/Tribe.


No foreign student who approaches the College directly will be admitted unless he/she holds a regular long-term students stay visa. Foreign students are required to obtain Provisional Eligibility Certificate from the University of Mumbai with the indication of the last date by which they must join the required course and approach the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Foreign Registration Office of the State Government where the foreign student is temporarily residing at the time of application. With such application for conversion of their visa to studentís visa they should attach the eligibility certificate in original issued to them by the University. They will be admitted as regular student if they get their visa converted and show documentary evidence to that effect provided they satisfy conditions laid down by the College, for admission to a particular class.

Foreign students and other students coming from outside Mumbai must give the address of their local guardian and their consent in writing, that they will be responsible for good behaviour of their wards.


  • The office is located at the ground floor of the college building.
  • The regular office timings are from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. - Monday to Saturday
  • Payments are accepted and made from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m except on Saturdays.
  • Students are requested to tender exact amount to get quicker service.
  • A special Enquiry Counter has been installed where all queries may be addressed.
  • Forms must be presented personally by students concerned and filled carefully and completely to avoid delays.
  • Students may refer complaints to the Registrar or Office Superintendent.
  • Courtesy is appreciated and will be reciprocated.