The Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell

The Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell of H.R. College is a student body, certified by the Ministry of Education and Mahatma Gandhi Council of Rural Education, which aims to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the minds of young students and create a zeal amongst the students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship as a career.

Vision: To create an environment conducive to the growth and development of the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow. The E-Cell strongly believes that with correct guidance and support even the smallest of ideas can grow and lead to successful entrepreneurial ventures. The E-Cell aims to promote holistic learning to pave the way for a self-sufficient ecosystem that encourages the growth of new and innovative ideas.

Objectives of the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell

  • To create a complete ecosystem that will foster the culture of self-employment and innovation while providing training to the students.
  • To provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and connect them with potential investors to build a successful startup.
  • To conduct relevant seminars, workshops, and lectures with Alumni and subject experts to acquaint the students with strategies, insights, and knowledge required to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • To provide ample mentorship opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs of college

Events Organised


September 10, 2020

Ms. Masumi Mewawalla is an alumnus and fashion entrepreneur who guided students about her inspirational journey of setting up her entrepreneurial venture at the age of 21. Her story motivated all the students to follow their passion with all their heart, to never give up, and continuously embrace failures but always learn from them.


October 19, 2020

The Faculty Development Centre of Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), set up by the Government of India, conducted an online workshop for students under the Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell to educate students on preparing a sustainable action plan for promoting entrepreneurship in developing sectors of the country.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • Functionality of RED Cell
  • Preparation and implementation of business plan
  • Strengthening the way for business plan competition

This workshop exclusively for B.M.S students, helped them to gain insights into the process of setting up enterprises in the exponentially developing areas of the country. The event was a success with around 80 attendees actively participating and contributing in this workshop. Faculty-in-charge, Dr. Navin Punjabi also graced us with his encouraging presence.


October 24, 2020

The two successful alumni, the founders of Bombay Hemp Company – Mr. Jahan Peston, Co-founder and Director, Strategy & Investor Relations and Mr. Chirag Tekchandaney, Co-founder and CEO; guided the budding entrepreneurs of H.R. College on how their college learnings helped them in building a massive company. The alumni also focused on strategies they used to turn around the stigma of cannabis and how beneficial cannabis is in the field of textile, automobiles, and medicines.

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