Junior College


Coordinator: Ms. Laju Sharma

The Club aims to develop business acumen among the students who are the budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow by organizing field trips and guest lectures by the experts in the field of business. The Club also organises Business Quiz and Debate on current topics in the field of trade, commerce and International Marketing, thereby, encouraging students to participate in Inter-collegiate business quiz competitions.

Students get opportunity to complement their theory with practice as SYJC syllabus in Secretarial Practice and Organisation of Commerce includes the topic of BSE and Joint Stock Company. ON a visit to the BSE, officials enlightened students on the working of BSE and covered wide ranging topics from Euro Crisis, sub-prime crisis, Asian Crisis, 1991 LPG Policy, Policy freeze by the present Govt., to the history of scams in the stock market in India and abroad. A question-answer session helped clarify queries on a wide range of topics.


September 25, 2017

32 participants were shortlisted for COMQUIZ, organized by the Commerce Club, from the Elimination Round to make eight teams of four members each for the battle of brains between FYJCs and SYJCs. The final quiz consisted of 5 rounds namely general business Q&A round, Rapid Fire Round, Audio-Visual Round and category based Business Round. Vice Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia gave away the trophies to all SYJCs Winning team consisting of Amal Mody, Manas Taparia, Kavya Chovatia and Ankit Agarwal and SYJCs Runners up team comprising of Prakyath Shetty, Shloka Shah, Meet Shah and Roshni Shinde.

The newly elected members of the Commerce Club along with the Core team were inducted by Vice Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia and Prof. In-charge Ms. Laju Sharma.


Coordinator: Ms. Rashmi Redkar

A cultural club of the college, regularly organizes Competitions, spanning a variety of activities: Rakhi-Making, Card-Making, Mehendi, Rangoli Nail Art and Tattoo - Making, Poster-Making and Calligraphy. The club organises an H.R. Bash which includes Twins Day, Indo - Western Day and Traditional Day.


August 22, 2017

The students of the Cascade Club of H.R. College along with the Vice Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia & Teacher in-charge Ms Rashmi Redkar, visited Punarvas Special School & Vocational Training Centre for Mentally Handicapped, Goregaon. The kids there are aged 3 years and above.

The school aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. They also seek to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every aspect of life, to provide for Practical Vocational Training according to Personal Talent Ability & make them self-reliant (age 18 years & above); laying a foundation for them to be integrated in the society.

A career makes them financially stable besides bringing them out of their shell. They are taught home science and the focus is on all round development of the kids rather than just the academics. They are encouraged to develop their talents through singing, dancing, painting, etc. The students express themselves so well that they have represented the institution at international levels as well. Small scale industrial attributes are developed where they are taught packing, sewing, making towels etc.

The HR Team interacted with the students and saw how diligently they work. The Club had purchased 'rakhis' made by these talented children, sold them at college and gave the profits back to the organisation! Chocolates were distributed with gratitude, as a token of appreciation and camaraderie. It is inspiring to see the kids excel and make an impact in this beautiful world and to push ahead in face of adversity.


Coordinator: Ms. Misha Bothra

The Council of Debates and Elocution (CODE) hold MUN's, debates, elocution and impromptu speaking competition which enhance the communication skills among the students and builds up their confidence to speak before the large audience.


Coordinator: Ms. Anuradha Iyer

The club aims at inculcating knowledge of finance, business and economics among the students. Commerce is incomplete without Economics.


September 7, 2017

ECHR had organized the most interesting event of the year "THE GRAND ECO QUIZ". The two hour event had Vice Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia as the chief guest.

There were two rounds with the 1st being the elimination round where the participants had to solve a written questionnaire. Those who were qualified were nominated for the second round - THE FINALE. This round was a PPT round..30 seconds were given to each team to answer. A team was of 2 people and there were 20 teams in the first round from which only 5 teams qualified for the final round.

"THE ECONOMICS CLUB IS CREATING BUDDING ECONOMISTS", exclaimed the hon'ble chief guest. The winners were felicitated with trophies and certificates.

The audience as well as the participants got acquainted with many aspects related to economics.


The French Club aims to encourage and enhance the linguistic skills of the students by creating a mélange between the love for France, French language and the French culture.


July 14, 2017

The French National Day celebration commenced with a PowerPoint presentation on French culture and pictures and videos of various popular places in France. Club members presented a salsa and a hip hop dance. “La Marseillaise” the French National Anthem was sung by the students. The last year toppers were felicitated.


November 11, 2017

The Amazing Race, a fun-filled event in which 150 students participated from various colleges in Mumbai, was a grand success. There were a series of tasks to be completed by students in pairs: Balloon burst, Piggy back ride, Gorilla dance to name a few, spanning all over South Mumbai. The first three winning pairs were awarded with medals and the best performers were given treats.


December 9, 2017

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The French Fiesta had sizzling salsa dance performances on French songs. The canteen became a ramp when the aspiring models walked down the red carpet, to win the title of Mr. Fiesta and Miss Fiesta. The melodious voices of contestants won many hearts. The togetherness and fun was celebrated when students performed the astounding Bollywood dance fusion.

Vice-Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia & Mrs. Poonam Phadke presented certificates to the participants during the induction ceremony.


Coordinator: Ms. Sheela Shahe & Ms Sheela Yadav

HSP aims to promote not only our national language Hindi but also Indian ethics, values and culture amongst the students by organising various activities like essay writing competition, debates and cultural events like Independence Day and Guru Purnima etc.

It provides a platform for its students to participate and organize events like Gul-E-Gulzar, Dance Competition, One Act Plays and Antakshari..


July 10, 2017

H.R. College celebrates the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima organized by the Hindi Sahitya Parishad every year with great enthusiasm. Guru Purnima is an Indian festival dedicated to spiritual teachers. This festival is traditionally celebrated by paying respect to teachers and expressing their gratitude.

The event started with lightening of the lamp by I/C Principal Parag Thakkar and Vice- Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia. I/C Principal Parag Thakkar spoke fondly about the tradition of Guru Purnima.

A small cultural event entertained the teachers and students. It included various traditional and graceful dance performances by the students of SYJC. The performance ended on a happy note with entertaining games for teachers.

The new committee for HSP was inducted by Vice Principal Dipika Bhatia.


Coordinator: Ms. Amrita Kambli

InsighT, the I.T. Club of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics is the proof of the dawn of the technological era. It aims at promoting technology and also being eco-friendly. It organizes events at intra-collegiate and inter-school level i.e. Faculty development programme, Education Drive, IgniTe, Technitude, to name a few.


July 22, 2017

Students of the Insight club of H.R. College visited the Ganpatrao Kadam Marg Municipal School in Lower Parel and conducted a workshop with around 50 students from the 8th and 9th standard of the school.

Activities conducted included arts and crafts as well as simple tricks to remember math tables. Hand multiplication was taught to the students to make it easier for them to remember the tables.

In addition they were taught origami wherein each student made a throwing star out of 8 small sheets of paper. They also made scoobies of different colours using plastic strings. It was a good break for them from studies and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The insight club looks forward to seeing these students during the next event Ignite.


Coordinator: Mrs Bhavana Shah

Math club provides students who are interested in math or talented at the subject to develop and practice their mathematical abilities in an enjoyable, energetic setting. Teachers or math club advisers can lead students in a number of activities that will sharpen math skills, increase learning, be fun and make children excited to learn about math.


July 19, 2017

The Math Club is an umbrella organization for mathematics-related activities open to all students. The Math Club sponsors some events throughout the academic year……

A vedic maths session conducted by teacher in-charge Mrs. Bhavana Shah with various mathematic tricks for easier and fast calculation, got a stunning response from students. HSC topper Ms. Bhavya Kapadia who scored 100 marks in mathematics was also felicitated.


Coordinator: Ms Mansi Bharne

H.R. College is acclaimed as one of the most prestigious institutions in the city and has always given its students an edge through various skill enhancing activities and opportunities, which go hand in hand with the excellent academic environment.

Today's corporate world is a prime example of Darwins 'survival of the fittest' theory. To enable students to shine in the future, they need something more than textbook learning. They need to know more than what the newspapers and internet can tell them.

It is said, "Experience is the best teacher." HR Masterclass is a unique skill enhancement programme which aims at enriching the student's knowledge and provides invaluable exposure with sessions conducted by several eminent personalities from diverse disciplines ranging from finance, business, actuarial, and many more. With these sessions to be held regularly twice a month, the students will have even more to look forward to in the college in addition to their daily lectures. Most of the speakers will be the college alumni, thus strengthening their bond with the college and the students. Hence HR Masterclass is the perfect opportunity for students to get new insights, guidance, and advice and to learn beyond what the syllabus offers.


September 12, 2017

Masterclass Forum invited Mr. Akash Purohit (IRS officer) for this unique skill enhancement programme as Chief Guest to speak on 'The World Outside a Commerce College'.

Mr. Akash Purohit stressed on the road ahead for those who want to opt for or desire to be IAS, IFS officers etc. and the preparations required for the UPSC exam. He also gave some valuable references from his personal experiences and also explained the perks of giving back to the society and serving the county with this career path.

With a turnout of about 150 students for its first session, this forum further aims at providing regular sessions for the students to listen, interact and learn firsthand from seasoned experts from various fields. The session came to a close with a bouquet and token of appreciation being presented to the chief guest by Vice Principal Ms. Dipika Bhatia followed by a vote of thanks.


Coordinator: Ms. Rekha Verma

Open House is a unique platform for a dialogue between parents, students and teachers. The Open Houses are held periodically to provide opportunity for parents to interact with the Principal and teachers and get first hand progress reports of their wards.

The first Open House for the academic year 2017-18 was conducted on July 26, 2017 for the SYJC students. Class teachers interacted with the parents and informed them about their wards attendance. Also, parents spoke with the class teachers and subject faculties. Vice Principal of Junior College, Mrs. Dipika Bhatia, addressed the parents of students whose attendance was very poor.

The second Open House was organized on December 8, 2017 for the FYJC students. The students were asked to attend the Open House along with their parents. Class teachers interacted and informed the parents about their ward's results. Vice Principal, addressed the students whose performance was unsatisfactory and emphasized to bring about an improvement in the results and attendance.

The Open House Club also assists the teachers in the paper distribution of the Prelims and Terminal Examinations of the SYJC students.

The volunteers of the Open House Club actively participated in all the PTA meetings. They gained self-confidence and also learnt to work as a team, thereby sharpening their organizing skills. They were appreciated by the teachers and parents for their assistance.


Coordinator: Ms. Laju Sharma

The sole objective of the club is the promotion of Sindhi Language, Sindhi Literature and its rich culture across the globe.


August 23, 2017

Sindhi Sangat of H.R. College (SSHR) celebrated the Chaliya function to orient the young Sindhi students about the importance of 40 days of fasting by the Sindhi Community in the months of July and August, a thanks-giving celebration in honor of Varuna Deva and Jhulelal for hearing their prayers.

To keep this tradition alive, students performed traditional folk dance and a skit with a theme on the ‘Importance of the Sindhi Language’. Students made a symbolic representation of their God Jhulelal through Bahrana Sahib. The programme ended with Aarti and Palav in Sindhi. Prasad was distributed to all present. I/C Principal Prof. Parag Thakkar appreciated the student’s talent and efforts to imbibe and carry forward their culture and language. He encouraged students to speak in Sindhi. The Chief Guest for the event was HSNC Board member Mrs. Padma Shah who was happy to note that the students were taking the initiative under the guidance of teacher coordinators. In her address to the students, she inspired students to speak in Sindhi and remain connected to their roots.

Mrs. Padma Shah inducted the new members of Sindhi Sangat from Degree and Junior College along with the Vice-Principal of Degree College Dr. Pooja Ramchandani and Junior College Vice-Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia. The coordinators Ms. Laju Sharma, Mrs. Bharti Sharma and Mrs. Kajal Ramchandani were felicitated by the Chief Guest, Vice-Principals and students.


Coordinator: Ms. Anuradha Iyer

Young Minds, the Junior College Students' Council provides a platform for leadership with its diverse set of activities. All council events offer students to learn event management & teamwork. Each activity is designed to nurture responsibility and leadership skills within students' community.

Young Minds plays a major role in all activities of the college and provides a strong student support system in the administration of the college. It actively engages the students in various events like Rose Day, Principals' Birthday Celebrations and also organises day treks. 

One of the major functions of the council is to work alongside the teaching faculty and ensure co-ordination and integration of all college activities. These would include administrative activities, hospitality of guests and dignitaries, assistance to teachers and staff, participation in inter-collegiate events, student grievances and various extra-curricular activities including social projects.


Every year there are super amazing events in the college which give the students an opportunity to show case their talents and skills. But there is only one such event which enables students to express their feelings, and that is the ROSE DAY.

On this day roses are given to friends and loved ones as an expression of their love.

Besides dedicating a rose to someone, you can also write a good message for that special someone and present it along with the rose. On the occasion there was a special performance by two melodious singers!!



On the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s day, Young Minds took the opportunity to express their gratitude on the behalf of all the students towards the teachers who contribute so much in helping the students acquire knowledge, competency and values. A teacher instills values that not only make the students successful but also a better human beings. They care for the students sincerely and love them as their own. A teacher sows the seeds of moral ethics within the children that builds the foundation of their character. Thus, the students come together and do their best to appreciate the efforts of the teachers who care for the students sincerely and love them as their own.



Young minds has been organizing exciting events for many years now and they did not fail to do so this year. B.A.M.B.O.O.Z.L.E.D. in it's debut year turned out to be a success and a great crowd puller. This event was based on the hilarious American show F.R.I.E.N.D.S .

Many enthusiastic fans participated and had a lot of fun. The event started with an treasure hunt with 10 teams, each team having four members. Four teams making it to the next and the final round, the quiz, where all of them were competing against each other to win the title.


Coordinator: Ms. Bhawna Shah


One of the most effective and result oriented initiatives taken up by the college has entered in its 15th year! Just like previous years the students with poor performance at FYJC exam were short listed. A meeting of these students along with their parents was held with the vice principal on April 28, 2017. The tendency to take 11th standard lightly resulted in the drop in academic performance of these 50 students. To bring in regularity and seriousness in studies, a few measures were to be taken at SYJC level. It was decided to put these students through an additional test in the month of August. The portion and paper format of each subject was announced in the meeting so that they have sufficient time to prepare for it. This test was conducted on August 31, September 1 & 4, 2017.

The assessed answer papers were distributed to the students in a meeting held in 2nd week of September. A brief analysis of the performance revealed that though the overall result was good, but most of the students had scored less in three subjects – Economics, English and SP. On students request special lectures were arranged in these subjects on September 22 & 23, 2017. The subject teachers made an extra effort from their regular work to guide the students and prepare them for the upcoming Terminal exam. Re-terminal exam was held for the failures / absentees during the terminal exam.

At FYJC level, a meeting was held with the students who did not perform satisfactorily in the terminal exam. The parents were intimated about the alarming situation regarding the academic performance of their wards. Especially students performing poorly in Mathematics were advised to work hard and stay focused if they wish to continue with the subject.

Continued and strict monitoring, rigorous tests and mentoring have played a good role in improving the academic performance of the students put under this program. The support of faculty and parents also contributed to their improved performance.